Essilor launches new coating and multi-pair promotion

Essilor has introduced the next generation of its Crizal coating, and launched its Take Two promotion for 2022


Essilor has introduced a new anti-reflective coating, Crizal Sapphire HR, with a number of enhancements for durability.

The coating outperforms its predecessors, the company said, with new Crizal High Resistance technology providing up to 70% more scratch-resistance and up to a 20% improvement in thermal resistance.

The coating went through a number of life-proof tests, which included an evaluation of the thermal resistance, multi-angular reflection test under different angles of light, and an abrasion resistance test.

The coating also underwent sensory analysis to assess the perception of the lens transparency in a controlled environment by a panel of consumers, and a durability wearer test for 18-months to monitor real-life usage.

Tim Precious, managing director at Essilor, said the coating replaces Crizal Sapphire UV to become the company’s “highest performing Crizal coating to date.”

“After 12 months of wear, Crizal Sapphire HR performed significantly better in terms of scratch resistance than the previous generation,” Precious added, describing the new product as a “considerable development for the coating industry.”

Crizal coatings are made of nanoscopic layers, which are up to 50 times thinner than a strand of hair.

A High Surface Density process offers an extra top layer for smudge resistance and to repel dirt and water, the company said, and High Resistance Technology offers a combination of four specific oxides known for resistance against dust, scratches and temperature. One oxide was selected from the aerospace industry for its high thermal resistance.

A 360 Multi-angular technology quantifies the anti-reflective efficiency (0° - 45°), Essilor explained, to reduce reflections from light on the front and back sides of the lens.

A variety of support materials have been made available to order from Essilor. The new lens coating was made available to the UK and Irish market from 4 January.

Engaging patients

Also launched on 4 January, Essilor introduced its ‘Take Two’ multi-pair promotion for 2022, which runs until late December.

The offer includes all branded lenses, such as Stellest and Eyezen Kids for children, as well as Varilux and Transitions.

The promotion has been simplified to offer a net priced second pair of lenses, which incorporates all elements of the lens including Transitions, Xperio and personalisation measurements, which the company suggests would enable practices to create extra value.

The offer will be supported by a national advertising campaign, which will seek to guide patients to local independent practices, with those locations taking part included on the company’s optometry practice finder.

Essilor’s Precious suggested the promotion would support independent practices to increase their online visibility and footfall, and “challenge competition on the High Street from national chains with similar multi-pair offers.”