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23 Apr 2018 | by Selina Powell

Princely gift: embryonic frogs can repair eye tissue

23 Apr 2018 | by Selina Powell

Researchers have discovered that South African clawed frog embryos can regenerate their eyes following injury

Sightsavers Common wealth fund

£20m trachoma pledge

18 Apr 2018 | by Emily McCormick

The funding will be used to eliminate trachoma globally

Eye movement exercises may aid balance in multiple sclerosis patients

23 Apr 2018 | by Selina Powell

A specially adapted rehabilitation programme improved the balance of MS patients, as well as lowering levels of dizziness and fatigue

Biomarker in the eye predicts response to Lucentis

23 Apr 2018 | by Selina Powell

Scientists have identified a biological clue that could help clinicians identify which diabetic macular oedema patients will respond best to treatment

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