At its CORE

Director of CORE at the University of Waterloo, Dr Lyndon Jones, talks to OT  about the organisation’s evolution, rebrand and achievements

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In practice

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Chloe McGregor and Diego Arlanzon Lope

Trading places

Two students from the UK and Spain have shared their experiences of optometry education in the two countries


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C-70427 Corneal topography: contact lens considerations

Corneal topography provides an invaluable platform for the observation of corneal profile and ultimate choice of contact lens design. This article considers the benefits of increasing accuracy, patient comfort, and potential success when using ‘virtual’ contact lens fitting programmes

Optometry jobs

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Calling time on myopia

A UK trial of 0.01% atropine to limit myopic progression in children could be an important step in addressing the increasing prevalence of short-sightedness internationally