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C-75838 Myopia management: putting theory into practice

Recorded at 100% Optical 2020, Professor Ian Flitcroft explains his five-step plan for myopia management. He discusses how to communicate with parents and patients about myopia management options.

C-75932 Specialist spectacle dispensing

This visual recognition feature tests the ability to recognise specialised appliances that can make a real difference to patients but are only relatively rarely seen in practice.

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man on video conferencing

Adapting to change

How the pandemic has turbo-charged technology and online learning in healthcare and optometry

woman in quarantine

A second lockdown

A pause on non-essential retail in England will see High Street footfall dwindle but the continuation of routine appointments is an important consolation

wooden houses

Invisible issues

Blind and partially sighted people have been suffering disproportionately under social distancing measures – but a new wearables initiative hopes to make life easier