Domiciliary at your door

15 Jan 2018 | by Emily McCormick

OT  poses a monthly scenario from a practitioner. This month, we look at the logistics of offering domiciliary eye care


Shedding light on the light-sensing cells of the eye

17 Jan 2018 | by Selina Powell

New research has explored how tiny tube-like protrusions aid photoreceptors

Windows of opportunity

19 Jan 2018 | by Selina Powell

Queen’s University Belfast’s Professor Nathan Congdon talks with OT  about a pioneering glass classroom project

Presidential vision

19 Jan 2018 | by Selina Powell

The US head of state’s uncorrected visual acuity has been revealed as part of his first medical exam since taking office

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Skills guide video

The Jackson cross cylinder

A skills video designed for students and those returning to work after a career break

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