Elliot Bateman

Back to the future

19 Oct 2016 | by John White

Aiden Smith

Independent pre-reg

24 Oct 2016 | by Aiden Smith

Aiden Smith shares an insight of the highlights and worries in his first few weeks as a pre-reg optometrist in independent practice

Grafton Optical slit lamp

I could not live without...

17 Oct 2016 | by Emily McCormick

Asif Tufail explains how Grafton Optical's YZ5FI slit lamp and digital imaging camera has helped enhance patient care at Hynes Optometrists

Clearly Vision

Clearly Vision Prize awarded

18 Oct 2016 | by Olivia Wannan

An app to refer patients from primary care in remote areas to specialists has won a $100,000 prize

Haag-Streit UK appoints a new service manager

25 Oct 2016 | by Robina Moss

Philip Kirk replaces Eric Spencer, who has retired from the ophthalmic equipment manufacturer and distributor

A workout for the eye

25 Oct 2016 | by Olivia Wannan

Electrostimulation of ciliary muscle can improve presbyopic patients’ vision

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Dr Janis Orr


Applanation tonometry

A skills video designed for students and those returning to work after a career break

OT skills guide applanation tonometry
Banner cover image of slit lamp 101 for skills guide


Slit lamp 101

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Banner cover image of the binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy skills guide

OT skills guide

Slit lamp BIO

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