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'Breakthrough' innovation for speciality contact lenses

Contamac celebrates FDA clearance of Tangible Hydra-PEG coating

Contamac Tangible Hydra-PEG coating

Contamac, manufacturer of the Optimum line of gas permeable contact lens materials, is celebrating the FDA clearance of its Tangible Hydra-PEG coating.

The contact lens-coating technology encapsulates the Optimum gas permeable material in an ultra-thin layer of a polyethylene glycol (PEG) polymer, creating a contact lens surface that is extremely wettable.

The new technology will initially be launched in the US in January by authorised laboratories, with the European markets following shortly afterwards.

The development of the technology is the result of a licensing agreement with Tangible Science that Contamac entered into last year.

Tangible Science sought to develop a technology that would reduce the disruption to the ocular surface caused by placing a lens on the eye, recognising the need for a new technology that could help end the frustrations caused by contact lens discomfort.

The disruption can be characterised or exacerbated by non-wetting lens surfaces, surface water evaporation, decreased tear film break-up time, deposits and friction, which have all been identified as contributors to contact lens discomfort.

Tangible Hydra-PEG seeks to tackle the issues by creating a surface that is highly wettable, with increased surface water retention due to the high water content – 90% – of the PEG-based polymer.

Additionally it creates a lubricious surface that can reduce both protein and lipid deposits, as well as reduce the friction caused by the interaction between the eyelid and contact lenses when the wearer blinks.

Contamac’s director of global strategy and new business development, Martin Dalsing, said: “Contamac is excited to partner with Tangible Science to bring this new and exciting technology to the specialty contact lens industry.

“This long-awaited innovation has brought both specialty contact lens laboratories and practitioners a new tool to improve the patient contact lens-wearing experience and satisfaction with a noticeably slippery lens surface that creates that wow factor. The tangible benefits are impressive."

Contamac’s sales and marketing director, Philipp Polonyi, told OT: “Over the past five years, rigid gas permeable contact lens manufacturers in the UK and globally have developed very interesting geometries allowing eye care practitioners to treat a wider range of indications.

“This innovation in the material segment is an important continuation of this trend and will help to further improve the contact lens experience for patients,” he concluded.

For more information, visit the Contamac website.