Amplify launches screening app on Alexa

People using the app will be asked questions designed to assess their hearing function

Amplify Hearing Screener
Amplify Hearing has launched a hearing screening app that can be used via Amazon’s Alexa technology.

The app was developed after the company recognised a pattern in undetected hearing loss in people over the age of 50.

Free and accessible via the Amazon Alexa app store, Hearing Screener provides users with a hearing health check. By asking Alexa to “launch Hearing Screener,” the app is launched and users are asked a series of questions with a variance of background noises and pitch tones designed to test how precise their hearing is.

Once the test is complete, the user will receive a result and may be offered the option of booking an appointment with their local Amplify Hearing audiologist.

Speaking about the app, managing director at Amplify Hearing, Dave Murphy, said: “The Alexa Hearing Screener app encapsulates the forward thinking at Amplify. Awareness and innovation are at the heart of our why, helping the patient enhance their full potential to enjoy the environments they love.”

Audiology partner at Amplify Hearing, Christina Porter, highlighted the importance of detecting hearing changes early.

“Early identification of changes in hearing and ear health, can lead to improved outcomes with hearing technology further down the line. We can also vastly improve relationships, social inclusion and general well-being when we look after our hearing properly,” she said.

The app can be downloaded directly from Amazon.