Optix pilots new eGOS software

The practice management software company has rolled out the first phase of its new fully integrated eGOS solution

Newbold Opticians team
Optix rolled out its new fully integrated eGOS system to its practice management software (PMS) solution at Newbold Opticians in Leek on Monday (30 September).

The practice is the first in the UK to pilot the new Optix eGOS system and was supported on the first day by three members of the Optix team alongside two members from Primary Care Support England (PCSE).

Managing director of Optix, Trevor Rowley, said that the company is “delighted to be at the forefront of this exciting innovation which will bring very significant benefits to Optix users.”

“Our development team have been working on this solution for over 12 months and the benefits of that huge effort were immediately obvious when the first real patients started to use the system,” he added.

Speaking about the new system, which will enable the practice to process GOS forms electronically, owner of Newbold Opticians, Stewart Townsend, said: “Optix has provided us with a really slick, easy to use system to integrate into eGOS. All the staff have taken to the system with ease. We were up and running without any problems by lunchtime and the investment and effort that has gone into making it work first time is obvious.”

“The benefits of eGOS are going to make running the practice much easier and the tools Optix has given us are first class. The Optix solution is intuitive and better than the old blue forms,” he added.

Optix will continue to rollout its eGOS software with practices in a staged pilot phase over the coming weeks.

Commenting on a wider rollout of the new software, Mr Rowley said: “We expect to release the next version of Optix with full eGOS support in November. As with all our system enhancements, eGOS will be rolled out to every Optix user without any upgrade charges.”

PCSE transformation director, Mark Holden, said that the company was delighted to see the first PMS generated eGOS vouchers being processed and submitted to PCSE online. “Working this way makes the creation and administration of vouchers much simpler,” he explained, adding: “Not only does it reduce the administrative burden for practitioners and their teams, but the move away from paper forms will start to have a significant, positive impact on the environment.”