On screen: Vision Express animation inspired by real optometrist

A new TV advert for 2022 features the brand’s mascot alongside a character modelled on a real optometrist

vision express ad
Vision Express

Vision Express has introduced a new TV animation featuring an optometrist for the first time.

The 2022 advertisement follows the brand’s mascot, Marvin the Mole, introduced in 2021, on a visit to a Vision Express practice and aims to “bring to life the benefits of having an eye test.”

At the practice, Marvin has his eyes tested by Vikita, modelled on a real Vision Express optometrist.

Retail director at Vision Express, Steve Worboys, suggested it is the first optical group to create a TV animatic inspired by a real optometrist, demonstrating the work of the “passionate” optometrists across more than 500 practices.

Sharing her experience as an optometrist, Vikita, who features in the TV production and works at the Vision Express London Oxford Street practice, said: “As an optometrist at Vision Express the best part of my job is taking care of people's eye health and meeting new people every day.”

A key message of the animation is ‘thorough eye tests, simply explained.’ Discussing this message, Vikita explained: “A thorough eye test doesn’t mean more tests necessarily. So, when we talk about there being over 100 ways to test someone’s eyes, a thorough eye test at Vision Express should mean doing the right tests and the necessary tests based on the customer’s needs.”