Specsavers announces "major" ophthalmology partnership

The multiple has entered into a partnership with Newmedica, which aims to improve eye health services in the community

Specsavers and Newmedica

Specsavers has today (28 November) announced a “major investment” in a partnership with one of the UK’s largest independent ophthalmology providers to the NHS, Newmedica.

The partnership, Specsavers confirmed, is designed to improve eye health services for patients in the community. Following the announcement, co-founder and CEO of Specsavers, Doug Perkins, said: “Newmedica and Specsavers share a passion for transforming eye health and for focusing on what is best for patients and we are very much looking forward to working together.”

He explained: “The investment has only just been made and it is too early to say exactly how the partnership will develop in the future. However, with hospital eye departments under pressure due to an ageing population and an increase in treatable eye conditions, we will be exploring with Newmedica ways in which we can provide NHS ophthalmology services in the community.”

“We envisage that the services would be led by ophthalmologists, and supported by optometrists in our stores,” he added.

Founded nine years ago, Newmedica operates from 25 community and GP sites, as well as NHS and private hospitals and mobile clinics, across England. The services that it delivers covers a wide range of ophthalmology, including outpatients and surgery, adult, paediatric and neonatal ophthalmology.

Speaking about the partnership, co-founder and director of Newmedica, Darshak Shah, said: “This represents a significant milestone and a hugely positive development for Newmedica, enabling us to develop the business for a long-term future in support of our mission of making eye care better.”