Essilor relaunches Optifog lenses

High demand for a solution to prevent glasses fogging up under PPE has led the company to relaunch the product

glasses and PPE
Essilor has relaunched its Optifog lens to offer a solution that aims to prevent glasses misting up under personal protective equipment (PPE).

The company said it had taken the decision to relaunch the product after experiencing high demand from eye care professionals.

The Optifog lens is available from 15 June and is described as suitable for all patients, particularly those now wearing PPE as part of their daily lives.

“Fogging reduces visibility and compromises patient care and the key worker’s personal safety,” said Tim Precious, managing director at Essilor Ltd, adding, “We’ve listened to ECPs and the relaunch gives them a solution to this particular risk.”

Optifog features hydrophilic top layers with inherent fog repellent properties that are activated by the specific molecules in the product’s smart textile. The company explains that droplets that would usually result in fog are instead spread across the lens.

“The Optifog lens will stop misting becoming a hazard in emergency situations where clear vision is crucial. In doing so, it will provide greater visibility, greater comfort and less fogging for key workers,” Mr Precious said, adding that the lens has been used successfully in other countries during the pandemic to help keyworkers.

The range includes clear Varilux X Series, Varilux E Series, Eyezen and Rx single vision lenses and is also available as a first and second pair option on the Take Two multi-pair promotion.