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De Rigo celebrates 40 years

The eyewear company has set up a foundation to support programmes for children and young people

26 Feb 2018 by Andrew McClean

De Rigo is celebrating its 40th anniversary with the establishment of a foundation for children and young people.

The De Rigo HEART Foundation (Health, Education and Art for youth) has been set up to support programmes that promote personal and intellectual development, as well as creativity and self-expression.

The eyewear company was founded by brothers Ennio and Walter as Charme Lunettes in 1978, and now operates as De Rigo. It is managed by the second generation of the De Rigo family, Ennio and Emiliana, with their children Massimo and Barbara.

Its house brands include Police, Sting and Lozza, which accounts for over 30% of the group’s turnover.

De Rigo explained that the establishment of its HEART Foundation was driven by the company’s belief in its people. 

“We are very attached to our people, and our relationship with the people who work in De Rigo is a family one. This is something we are very proud of.” Ennio and Emiliana De Rigo explained. 

“We believe in certain values, and seek to convey them primarily to our children, but also to the people who work with us. Our company is made of people,” they added. 


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