Snapchat launches spectacles

Social media app launches recording spectacles

15 Jun 2017 by Florence Adu-Yeboah

In a bid to give its customers the ultimate social sharing experience, Snap Inc, the company behind the social media app Snapchat, has launched an eyewear range that can record.

The spectacles give wearers the ability to capture their experiences, surroundings or snap a quick picture while on the move. 

The devices work by allowing the wearer to record or take photos, which are then transferred wirelessly to the Snapchat app’s memory where they can be stored and either uploaded to the user’s snapchat story, sent to friends or saved to their camera roll. 

According to the company, a light on the glasses indicate to the wearer and other people when the device is recording, while the photos or videos are circular and taken from a personal perspective. 

Snapchat spectacles

The spectacles, which retail at £129.99, are being sold online and in special snapbot vending machines that will travel around the UK and Europe, landing in London, Munich, Paris, Venice and Barcelona. 

During the snapbot tour, locations will be teased on the products website and the snapbot vending machines will typically stay in a location for about a day at a time.

Despite being the latest must-have gadget, the spectacles have received criticism following their launch in the US last year. Many people took to social media to express concerns about being recorded while unaware and have suggested it could be an invasion of privacy. 

However, the spectacles have already been used within a clinical setting. Last year a UK-based teaching surgeon, Dr Shafi Ahmed, live streamed a routine hernia repair operation using the glasses.

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