Patient’s eyesight saved by cutting-edge retinal imaging technology

Ian Jarvis, of Jarvis Eyecare, shares the story of a patient whose ocular tumour was detected by an optomap scan


Ian Jarvis has over three decades of experience managing his own independent clinical practice, Jarvis Eyecare, in Dundee, Scotland. Jarvis is an advocate for embracing the benefits of enhanced patient care and improved practice efficiencies that Optos Monaco brings to his practice. The adoption of cutting-edge technology has allowed Jarvis Eyecare to provide enhanced patient care that detects heath issues earlier.

The impact of a 200° single-capture ultra-widefield (UWFTM) optomap® eye scan on Jarvis’s practice has helped grow revenue through the provision of excellent eye care.

Through the story of one of his patients, Sylvia O’Conner, Jarvis discussed the positive impact of Monaco, an Optos device that supports diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing therapeutic patient care.

In Sylvia’s case, an optomap retinal eye scan not only detected a rare ocular condition undetectable by a standard eye test, but also reshaped the diagnostic and collaborative landscape of an independent optometry practice with a device that features multimodal integrated SD-OCT. 

“In Scotland, we’re managing more ocular conditions in the community. We now have a third of the profession qualified as independent prescribers, so not only are we supplying glasses and contact lenses to patients, but we are also dealing with non-sight threatening infection and inflammation in the community,” Jarvis said.

He added: “As first port of call in the NHS, we are also working collaboratively with our medical colleagues in general practice and ophthalmology, using electronic transfer of patient data.”

In Scotland, we’re managing more ocular conditions in the community

Ian Jarvis, Jarvis Eyecare

Routine eye exam reveals an anomaly in a patient’s eye

Sylvia, a retired nurse, visited Jarvis Eyecare for a routine check-up and mentioned she had been experiencing flashing lights in her right eye.

Upon further investigation, Jarvis identified an anomaly at the back of her eye, potentially indicative of a retinal detachment. Importantly, the location of this anomaly meant it might not have been captured without UWF retinal imaging that is able to capture 82% of the retina, as opposed to the industry standard 15% with fundus photography.

Recognising the need for further investigation, Jarvis initiated a prompt referral for Sylvia to a nearby ophthalmology department. The optomap images captured during Sylvia’s assessment supported the diagnosis of a rare ocular tumour. It was instrumental in planning the precise placement of a radioactive plaque required for treatment.

Scan of an eye taken by an Optomap machine
Choroidal Tumour captured on Optos California device

Early adoption of advanced retinal imaging technology 

Jarvis purchased a Monaco in early 2020. The device allows him to capture more extensive, detailed images of a patient’s retina than can be achieved with a traditional fundus camera. Images help practitioners to visualise vitreoretinal, retinal, and choroidal layers from pole to periphery.1 optomap is highly valued in the screening, diagnosis, management, and treatment stages of patient eye care.

“The Optos Monaco device combines ultra-wide field retinal imaging and a central OCT scan – this is truly the best of both worlds. The images have dramatically improved our diagnostic capabilities,” Jarvis said.

Single-capture retinal eye scans taken in half a second have helped improve practice efficiencies, revenue growth and customer retention, through provision of advanced eye care. Practices utilising Optos technology can see up to 7% more customers.2

Patients specifically mentioned advanced optomap retinal scans as a determining factor for choosing Jarvis Eyecare as their go to eye care practitioner. The Monaco includes Optical OCT, as well as OptosAdvance™ software to better analyse, manage and process patient data that can be shared across clinical settings.

The images have dramatically improved our diagnostic capabilities

Ian Jarvis, Jarvis Eyecare

The transformative impact of Optomap retinal scans

Sylvia’s case demonstrated that the impact of an Optos retinal imaging device goes beyond early detection of potential health issues. Successful treatment of the tumour was facilitated by the detailed insights provided by the cutting-edge technology.

Jarvis expressed hope for Sylvia’s future, envisioning regular annual reviews under his care. Her gratitude was palpable, recognising that the condition might not have been identified as promptly without UWF imaging. 

“Optomap is a game-changer. Retinal imaging isn’t just about diagnosis, it's also about recognising and guiding a patient towards successful treatment with a positive health outcome,” Jarvis said.

He added: “Sylvia is a testament to the effectiveness of this technology. Her gratitude only reinforces the importance of staying at the forefront of technological advancements in optometry. We now discover health issues we just didn’t know were there before we had this technology.”

Jarvis’s experience with Optos’ ultra-wide field imaging, as illustrated by Sylvia’s story, underscores the transformative impact of cutting-edge technology in eye care.

To find out more about what an Optos device can do to support your practice contact Optos today.


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