Théa launches spray for allergy-related dry eye symptoms

The three-in-one spray provides a preservative-free formula designed to hydrate, lubricate and soothe itchy and dry eyes

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Théa Pharmaceuticals has launched a new spray to help relieve dry eye symptoms brought on by allergies and hay fever.

A 2021 survey by the company found that 76% of people polled believed their dry eye symptoms were caused by an allergy.

The Zaspray three-in-one spray is designed to hydrate, lubricate and soothe itchy and dry eyes. The preservative-free formula also aims to help protect the eye tissue and improve tear film stability.

Théa Pharmaceuticals
The formula incorporates 0.2% hyaluronic acid, to keep the ocular surface hydrated and improve tear film stability, and 4.5% Per-Lip complex. This includes Liposomes, which the company suggest provides “migration across the eyelid margins to combine with the tear film, easing any eye irritation and discomfort.”

The spray also features a natural plant extract, Perilla Seed, which is an antioxidant.

Introducing the spray to the company’s portfolio of dry eye products, Dr Matthew Olsen, head of UK marketing for Théa Pharmaceuticals, commented, “Dry eye disease can have a huge impact on consumers, and symptoms are often heightened during hay fever season,” adding that: “There’s nothing worse than having itchy, irritated eyes that get in the way of everyday life.”

The Aptar bottle design avoids the need for preservatives and helps to prevent bacterial contamination. The Zaspray provides measured doses, which the company suggests could be beneficial as an alternative to drops for patients who might struggle with dexterity or coordination.

The spray can be used alongside other antihistamine therapies, Théa suggests.