Altacor partners with Adaro Optics

The partnership aims to support eye care professionals to offer home deliveries of the Clinitas eye drops

Altacor products
Altacor has formed a partnership with Adaro Optics in order to support eye care professionals to offer a home delivery service for products such as the Clinitas eye drops.

Where optometrists use Adaro currently, they will be able to add the Clinitas range to their service and patient offering. Practices who are new to the system can register to offer the home delivery service.

“During these challenging times eye care professionals are having to find ways to continue providing patient services,” said group brand manager, Oliver Wooding. “Dealing with reduced opening times and the challenges of competing with online sellers, who are already benefiting from a huge up-lift during this period of isolation. If there was ever a time ECPs needed to offer patients a home delivery service to obtain their eye products, including our Clinitas eye drops, now is that time.”

The Adaro contact lens management systems are used by over 3,500 optical retailers. With no visible brand identity, the letterbox-sized home delivery boxes adopt the optometrists’ brand.

“The good thing is optometrists can also choose the preferred combination of lenses from one supplier and solution from another, all presented in a single convenient box. This allows the best product options for customers,” Mr Wooding explained. “The system helps support customer engagement and offers new digital technology. It helps optometrists keep and track customers, and allows non-contact repeat business.”

For patients, the system offers the convenience of having lenses and eye drops delivered directly to the home or workplace as well as repeat orders.

Mr Wooding highlighted that patients may feel “scared and worried” about attending a practice, meanwhile for optometrists “the addition of home delivery service to an optometry practice allows them to offer something new and stay ahead of the crowd.”

“As we know, a lot of patients may look online for products. Online and digital is the ‘new normal’. The home delivery service is also a way of adding extra business and keeping hold of customers on a retainer basis. Patients should not need to visit their optometrist every month to pick up new supplies,” he continued.

Though established during the lockdown, the companies see the partnership extending beyond the current COVID-19 crisis as patients adapt to new ways of receiving products.

“We also feel that the optometry sector is getting better at offering this type of service so it will only continue to grow,” he added.