Alcon achieves GreenCircle certification for zero waste to landfill

Three of Alcon’s manufacturing facilities for ophthalmic drops and solutions have earned the certification

KY Alcon
Alcon has become the first healthcare company to be GreenCircle Certified for zero waste to landfill operations with three of its manufacturing facilities earning the certification.

GreenCircle certification is internationally recognised as a third-party certification, verifying sustainability claims behind a company’s products and operations.

Each of the ophthalmic drop and solutions manufacturing facilities, two in Fort Worth, Texas, and one in Singapore (pictured), diverted 100% of total waste from landfills.

The sites produce several of Alcon’s over-the-counter eye care products including, Opti-Free contact lens solutions, AO Sept Plus and Clear Care contact lens solutions, Pataday allergy eye drops, and Systane dry eye drops.

One of the Fort Worth facilities also manufactures surgical procedural and pharmaceutical eye drops, as well as a sterile intraocular irrigating solution.

Ed McGough, Alcon’s senior vice president of manufacturing and technical operations, said: “Alcon teams continually focus on innovative ways to streamline our manufacturing processes to reduce operational waste, and I’m extremely proud to achieve GreenCircle certification as a testament to our commitment.”

Tad Radzinski, certification officer at GreenCircle, explained that the certification demonstrates “absolute commitment to waste minimisation and diversion as it requires 100% of waste to be diverted from landfills.”

“Often, manufacturing sites do not qualify when audited for the first time and need to make revisions to their waste management process to work towards this goal,” Radzinski continued. “We commend Alcon for earning this certification for all three of these manufacturing plants with their first GreenCircle audit.”