Alcon launches new contact lens

Contact lens manufacturer extends its Dailies portfolio with new Total1 Multifocal

Alcon Dailies Total1

Contact lens company Alcon has launched a new multifocial contact lens which has been developed to specifically meet the needs of people with presbyopia.

The Dailies Total1 multifocial lens has a water gradient that is designed to "provide seamless distance, intermediate and near vision," Alcon explains, tackling the issues of presbyopia, which affects an estimated two billion people globally.

Generally affecting people over the age of 40, this age coincides with the age that many people drop out of contact lens wear due to discomfort, dryness and vision issues.  

Explaining the reasons for this drop out, Alcon professional affairs for EMEA, Dr Inma Perez, said: "Wearers over the age of 40 want to continue wearing contact lenses but require more comfort and seamless vision as they develop presbyopia. That is why Dailies Total1's patented water gradient material offers a comfortable, younger-looking alternative to reading glasses."

Alcon’s Dailies Total1 are offered as daily disposable with a power range of +3.00D to -6.00D and three add powers. The contact lens manufacturer confirmed that more parameters will follow.