Taking contact lenses 'into infinity'

No7 Contact Lenses launches bespoke coloured contact lenses and a new fitting set

17 Aug 2016 by Robina Moss

Manufacturer No7 Contact Lenses has launched Reflex Colours, a silicone hydrogel contact lens that is said by the company to bring a new dimension to realistic colour matching, with the facility “to create as many options as there are people in the world.”

The new lathe-cut contact lenses are manufactured at No7’s Hastings laboratory to a patented design. They are available as a three-monthly silicone hydrogel contact lens in single vision, toric, multifocal and toric multifocal options.

The company has also launched a fitting set in a box. The new Reflex Colours fitting set contains 21 basic colours, four under-prints, plus a limbal ring that can be produced in any of the colours. Alternatively No7 offers a matching service whereby its technicians will produce the matched contact lens from supplied digital photographs of the patient.

No7 Contact Lenses’ professional services manager, Katie Harrop, said: “We can also make star bursts in any colour, and the colours can be overlaid in any order and combination.”

She added: “This is going to be of great value to any practices specialising in contact lenses as they can be used for a very realistic colour change. The great thing is that this is very reproducible, as we can overlay and build up colour to create customised combinations.  This is not just for therapeutic use but also for a realistic colour change.”

Ms Harrop highlighted that the new lenses are “significantly cheaper than a hand-painted lens,” and that the company is expecting to see demand from patients who are post injury, post disease or have congenital issues.

“This is a market which has offered few options in the past. It is much better than an off-the-shelf lens which will never colour match as well,” she concluded.

For more information, visit the No7 Contact Lenses website.


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