Study finds optometrist is the most Googled STEM role globally

‘Optometrist’ and ‘optometrist job’ received more than 619,000 monthly searches worldwide

female optometrist

'Optometrist' has topped a list of the most Googled science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) roles worldwide.

Data from electronic component company, RS Components, revealed that the terms ‘optometrist’ and ‘optometrist job’ received 619,340 global monthly searches.

Within the UK, optometrist had the fourth highest number of monthly search hits, with cancer researcher taking the top spot.

Endocrinologist and physiologist were the second and third most Googled STEM roles in the UK respectively.

Internationally, the most searched-for STEM roles other than optometrist were endocrinologist, physiologist, geneticist, data analyst and astronaut.

The study analysed search data for close to 100 STEM professions – using both the role name and the role name followed by ‘job.’

map of STEM professionals
A world map showing the most popular STEM search term in each country.