Ray-Ban launches NFT glasses

Ray-Ban creates a ‘first in eyewear’ by launching a unique virtual product


In collaboration with artist Oliver Latta, Ray-Ban has launched the first ever Non-Fungible Token (NTF) glasses.

The company described the NTF as “A unique virtual product that will create an unparalleled brand experience, that will once again allow our brand lovers to express their uniqueness.”

The digital artwork, designed by German artist Oliver Latta, better known as ‘Extraweg’, used Ray-Ban’s signature aviator frames to create the NFT.

Latta is renowned for his provocative 3D Motion Designs, used to express emotions, and has previously collaborated with musicians Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl.
As an artist, he is inspired by everyday situations, often depicting ambiguous and uncomfortable ways to provoke sensations in the viewers, forcing them to think for themselves.

Commenting on the collaboration with Ray-Ban, Latta said: “I’m honoured to work with Ray-Ban, creators of the most iconic sunglasses in the world, to create their first ever NFT. I’m passionate about working the aesthetic and timeless value into everything I design. Like the Ray-Ban Aviator, I want to create designs that live forever with infinite style.”

As a part of the launch Ray-Ban has organised a charity auction sale on the NFT marketplace, OpenSea, where customers can bid on the artwork.

The auction opened on the 27 October and will close on 29 October, with proceeds being donated to the Italian Art Trust.