Commuters lost 9478 pairs of glasses last year

New Transport for London data reveals how many items were found and reclaimed on its services

06 Sep 2017 by Andrew McClean

Transport for London (TfL) has revealed that 9478 pairs of glasses were left on London buses, taxis, and its tube and train networks last year.

A total of 14,980 items categorised as eyewear by TfL were found from April 2016–March 2017 and only 1141 items from this category were reclaimed by commuters.

Just 155 pairs of glasses and 219 cases and accessories were reclaimed from TfL’s lost property office with 767 items categorised as eyewear reclaimed on-site.

The total number of cases and accessories received by TfL was 4735.

It seems London’s commuters are becoming more forgetful when it comes to glasses too as the number lost on public transport has increased from 8268 in 2014/15, and 8772 in 2015/16.

The majority of unclaimed items are donated to charity. 

Image credit: Thomas Riggs


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