Real lightweights for Menrad

New ophthalmic styles weighing only 10 grams are launched

20 Oct 2016 by Robina Moss

Menrad has launched four new minimalist ophthalmic styles in its own eyewear range.

The Menrad Eyewear Collection frames weigh just 10 grams and are made of flexible nylon with stainless steel lugs and sides made of stainless steel.

Each of the four models, ‘16036,’ ‘16037,’ ‘16038’ and ‘16039,’ are available in three colours.

As part of the manufacturing process, coloured foil in the shape of the front is put in between two plates of nylon and completely enclosed by them and is then cut out, ensuring no colour chipping.

Even though the frame can be warmed up, the company is recommending cold glazing and highlights that the inclination angle can be adjusted easily.

Menrad managing director, Chris Beal, told OT: “Menrad is once again delighted to be innovating and bringing new and exciting products to market under our own brand.

“These nylon frames have a pure, modern style that emphasises appearance rather than dominates it. At only 10 grams they are incredibly light, ultra-flexible and our colour-locking system removes the issue of chipping.

“Menrad is once again leading the way in modern glazeable frames,” he concluded.

For more information, visit the Menrad website.


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