Essilor's Eye Protect system now offered with Eyezen lenses

Embedded protection for more single-vision wearers against UV and harmful blue-violet light

11 Oct 2016 by Robina Moss

Essilor’s Eye Protect System has been launched with its new Eyezen lenses range, enabling practitioners to offer the protection to their single-vision lens wearers.

Earlier this year Essilor launched the Eye Protect System, a lens innovation designed to protect against potentially harmful light. It provides embedded protection against harmful UV and blue-violet light, while allowing good blue-turquoise light to transmit through the lens, according to Essilor.

Compared to standard anti-reflective coated lenses, Eye Protect System lenses are up to three times more protective against harmful light. For the best protection, the Eye Protect System can be combined with Crizal Prevencia.

The Eye Protect System was originally launched with Varilux S series and Varilux E series lenses, as well as with all Essilor Transitions lenses with Crizal UV coating.

Essilor Eyezen is a complete range of new digital lenses, which are offered in three optimisations depending on the lens wearer’s profile. The Eyezen focus technology is designed to relax patients' eyes for their digitally ‘connected’ lives.

Combining Essilor Eyezen with the Eye Protect System opens up vision protection to many more single vision wearers.

It offers reduced visual fatigue, improved readability of small characters and protection, now in an aesthetically clear lens.

All Eye Protect System lenses have an E-SPF UV protection of 10 and above. The E-SPF global index was developed by Essilor International to rate the overall UV protection of a lens.

The launch is being supported by product information, point-of-sale materials to display in practice and an animated video to raise awareness among patients on the consequences of potentially harmful light. There is also marketing support, training and a digital campaign.

Professional relations manager at Essilor UK, Andy Hepworth, said: “As a leader in the optical industry, it is our duty to provide solutions that mean eye care professionals can offer patients protection as well as correction, and so offer the best ophthalmic lens solutions on the market.”

The Eye Protect System was awarded the 2016 Silmo d’Or award in the vision category at the Paris tradeshow (23–26 September).

For more information, visit the Essilor website.


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