Focus on comfort for the older spectacles wearer is bringing success

New ophthalmic styles from Stepper UK are proving popular

30 Aug 2016 by Robina Moss

Stepper UK has been enjoying success with some new ophthalmic frame launches aimed at the older spectacles wearer.

A new addition for women is the lightweight frame ‘SI-30064.’ Combining a TX5 plastic front and titanium sides, it weighs just 10.5g and is offered in colours designed to suit older skin, ‘toffee,’ (pictured) ‘strawberry’ and ‘blueberry.’

For men, the recently introduced ‘SI-60078’ is proving “a winner,” according to the company. Stepper UK highlights that older men often require bigger frames to accommodate larger lenses, which can bring bulk and weight disadvantages. However, the super thin titanium and beta titanium supra design disguises its scale with an ultra-fine profile. The frame also weighs just 10g.

Managing director of Stepper UK, Peter Reeve, told OT: “The fundamentals of Stepper design and manufacturing technology have much to offer the older spectacles wearer.”

He explained: “With thinning more pressure-sensitive skin, comfort and fit are of increased importance and Stepper’s ‘design from the bridge’ philosophy is appreciated by the older wearer.

“Add to this materials such as TX5 and titanium, offering significant weight reductions over the comparative acetate and monel metal, and Stepper offers light frames that fit, ensuring day-long comfort for the wearer.”

Mr Reeve added: “Also worth considering in frame choice for an older person is reduced skin and hair pigmentation. To avoid the wearer looking ‘washed out’ stronger colourations can be of great benefit and complement the wearer’s skin tones. Many Stepper frames offer strong colour combinations and options to match skin tone.

“Finally, the hypoallergenic properties of TX5 and titanium make Stepper a great option for older customers,” he concluded.

For more information, visit the company’s website.


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