Kolor Up for the sun

Essilor launches new sun lenses ‘to guarantee a refreshing perception of colours and improved vision’

25 Nov 2015 by Robina Moss

Kolor Up for the sunEssilor Sun Solution, the Essilor Group division dedicated to sun plano lenses, has launched a new brand of sun lenses, called Kolor Up.

The lenses feature new technology and are said by the company to “guarantee a refreshing perception of colours and improved vision.”

The new technology was developed in cooperation with the Essilor research and development teams, applying the principles which have made the company successful during its last 50 years. It is said by Essilor to take the company’s “spirit of innovation into a new territory of vision, namely sun lenses.”

Traditional sun lenses perform homogeneously for the full spectral range. However, Kolor Up lenses selectively modulate the light reaching the retina and the wavelengths of the primary colours received by the photoreceptors in the eyes.

This means that the new lenses reinforce the brightness of colours while maintaining a high level of protection. They are said by the company to guarantee high levels of vision performance even in very bright conditions and to enhance the definition of colours.

The new Kolor Up lenses are available in plano, polarized or non-polarized options. They are also offered in solid or gradient colours, such as amber, brown, grey, grey-green and copper.

Kolor Up colours can also come with coatings. The modern, rich effect of the ‘Silver’ or ‘Champagne’ coatings, combined with Kolor Up gradient colours, is said by Essilor to give a unique look in line with current fashion trends.

For more information, visit the Essilor Sun Solution website.


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