Essilor opens virtual showroom

The company aims to display how practices can embrace technologies to offer socially distanced eye examinations, at a time when patients may be particularly anxious

Essilor has revealed its first virtual showroom to demonstrate its technologies, products and services, aiming to demonstrate ways that eye care professionals can “future proof” practices.

The ‘Essilor Virtual Centre’ presents an immersive tour of a flagship store, aiming to “bring to life” the company’s products.

Through the virtual platform, visitors can engage with the company’s portfolio of products and services, with different areas dedicated to the various stages of the consumer journey, from attracting and engaging patients, to screening and prescribing, and delivering services.

The company aims to demonstrate how practices can “future proof” with new technologies that support social distancing, particularly in a time where patients may be reluctant to attend an appointment.

Discussing this aim, Tim Precious, managing director for Essilor, highlighted the results of a YouGov survey by the charity Fight for Sight, which revealed one in five people were less likely to get an eye examination now, than before the pandemic.

“It is evident that the pandemic is having an enormous impact on the profession and growth is likely to remain unpredictable until consumer confidence stabilises,” Mr Precious said. “The independent sector needs future proofing and there has never been a better time for business owners to take a leap of faith.”

“The virtual showroom provides ways to embrace change by offering socially distanced eye examinations and screenings to reassure patients when anxiety levels are at an all-time high,” Mr Precious added.

The showroom highlights the latest instruments for an eye examination room and in-store lens lab, along with digital tools to achieve precise patient measurements.

In addition to displaying a variety of products and technologies, the virtual showroom also highlights digital selling solutions, to facilitate lens recommendations, as well as exclusive optical brands.

Eye care professionals can also learn more about Essilor’s marketing tools to support patient engagement, or explore current topics in the ‘Knowledge’ section of the site.