Shamir updates measuring device to support social distancing

The company has seen “huge” demand for the Spark Mi Up device that enables dispensing measurements to be taken up to several metres from a computer

measuring device
Optical manufacturer, Shamir, has modified its Spark Mi Up measuring device to be used over greater distances, aiming to help optometrists maintain social distance requirements in practice.

The Shamir Spark Mi Up device, launched last year, has been modified to enable optometrists to take a patient’s dispensing measurements from a safe distance of up to 5 metres from a computer and while wearing protective masks.

“The measurements with Spark Mi Up can be taken from a distance and whilst wearing a mask. No physical contact is needed,” explained Russell Bickle, UK national sales manager, adding that it enables optometrists to dispense spectacles at a safe distance, “allowing you to minimise the risk to both patients and staff in the dispensing area.”

“The uptake for this product has been huge,” Mr Bickle said, adding, “we are currently assembling the latest batch, but we are already seeing some markets selling out of the unit.”

The unit features an adjustable arm, so patients can manually alter the height of the mirror, meaning eye care professionals can stay at a safe distance.

Commenting on how the device works alongside the skills of the practitioner, Mr Bickle said an advantage of the technology “is that it supports the practitioner in achieving a higher accuracy whilst still requiring them to use their skills and knowledge. They can take into account previous wear and intended use before using the product and making adjustments.”

The mirror device is small and doesn’t require gigs for standard measurements, the company said and also features an advanced new algorithm to provide fast, accurate measurements.

A dual camera feature means measurements can be taken through sunglasses so the lenses do not need to be removed.

Along with the update to the product, Shamir has also shared recommendations for using the device and dispensing frames in store as optometrists plan for a return to routine practice.

In a video on social media, the company recommended smaller practices add a plastic screen between the optometrist and the patient when using the device. As well as disinfecting the surface and the mirror before and after measurements, the company also recommends providing disinfecting wipes available for customer use.

For safe frame selections, the company recommends that after a customer has tried on frames, they are advised to place them in a designated ‘disinfection station’ so they can be disinfected prior to returning to display.

“I believe many practices are already taking steps with screens around reception desks, UV boxes to sterilise frames and breath shields on optometric equipment,” Mr Bickle said of the changes that may need to take place in the practice environment post-lockdown. “I think many practice owners are being sensible and planning in order to protect both staff and patients.”