Zeiss adds new tools to VisuStore

Practitioners can now order remote edge rimless lenses

Zeiss Visustore
Zeiss has added new services to its VisuStore online ordering platform, which provides digital tools and services for practitioners.

Practitioners can now order remote edge rimless lenses, which help to ensure practitioners are happy with the size, shape and position of the drill holes on each lens.

Zeiss explained that the VisuStore calculates all parameters for the selected lens type, which ensures that incorrect or missing entries are flagged with recommendations also suggested.

It enables the shape of the lens to be modified, including tracer and catalogue shapes, which can be viewed on a diagram with amendments to frame length and depth made possible.

Marketing director of Zeiss Vision Care UK and Ireland, Lindsay Filmer, said: “Remote edge rimless lenses are a popular choice with our customers, so we are delighted to be able to provide an online ordering solution for this type of lens. This allows our customers to focus on spending more time with the patient and ensuring their needs are met.”

For further information, visit the Zeiss website.