Optinet celebrates e-GOS claims milestone

IT services division of the National Eyecare Group ‘proud to be the first PMS provider in the UK’ to submit GOS forms via NHS Scotland’s e-payments system

Optinet's Chris Smith demonstrating the Flex system

Optinet has become the first practice management system (PMS) provider in the UK to enable practices to successfully submit general ophthalmic services (GOS) claims via the NHS Scotland e-Ophthalmic Payments System.

In developing its Flex system upgrade, Optinet opted for a PMS solution that enables practices full integration with the e-Ophthalmic web service. The system is now live and used to submit GOS forms as well as receive real-time validation of GOS submissions.

The introduction of the e-Ophthalmic payments system by the Practitioner Services Division of National Services Scotland is set to align optometry with other primary care contractor groups such as GPs, dentists and pharmacists.

Optinet national sales manager, Chris Smith (pictured demonstrating the Flex system), said: “The PMS Integrated Solution provides the best user experience for practice staff, as there is no need to switch between the PMS and ophthalmic web forms to add additional GOS claim information.”

Mr Smith added: “The benefits of e-ophthalmic payments to the practitioner are manifold, such as better financial control, better data quality, less paper and more automation of reporting.

“Moreover, the system all but eliminates the need for ‘return to contractor’ letters and enables the use of the Community Health Index for positive patient identification.

“We are extremely proud to be the first PMS provider in the UK to offer our customers this important new upgrade,” he concluded.

For more information, visit the Optinet website.