Researchers develop an augmented reality headset that minimises eyestrain

UK engineers have created a head-mounted display that delivers a realistic 3D viewing experience without side effects

Lady wearing virtual reality headset
Scientists have developed an augmented reality headset that avoids common side effects, such as nausea and eyestrain.

Describing the device in Research, scientists highlighted that the technology has an enlarged eye-box and an increased field of view.

The image is displayed on the retina using pixel beam scanning which ensures that the image stays in focus regardless of the distance that the viewer is focusing on. Users are able to wear spectacles while viewing images.

A trial of the equipment involving 50 participants aged between 16 and 60 showed that the visual effect was “very convincing” for objects from 20cm to 10m.

None of the participants reported any eyestrain or nausea associated with using the headset.

Image credit: Pixabay/Pexels