Essilor invests in advanced technology

£500,000 investment will give Essilor the edge

Essilor invests in new lens edging technology

Essilor has invested half a million pounds in new lens edging technology at its Thornbury laboratory. 

Introducing the technology, the MEI edging process is designed to provide a greater level of accuracy to all pre-edged lenses and a wider service offering in frame dispensing. 

The new technology is capable of producing more lenses per hour which means a faster turnaround and enhanced delivery times. It will also help the laboratory embrace sustainability as the equipment does not require water, Essilor explained.

Speaking about the Bisphera edging machine, which is made by MEI, commercial director at Essilor Ltd, Randeep Gill said: “Essilor has always strived to be the best business partner to independent opticians and provide high-quality services locally in the UK. This investment keeps our service quality high, maintains the lab as a centre of excellence and demonstrates our commitment to local production.” 

He added: “The equipment will bring more consistency into our edging process in terms of product finish and accuracy.”

Thornbury mayor, Helen Harrison, was present when Essilor launched the new technology on Monday (5 June).  

For more information, visit Essilor's eye care practitioner website