Essilor launches new lens

The Varilux X series by Essilor is said to “reinvent near vision and create visual fluidity”

23 May 2017 by Emily McCormick

Essilor has developed a new type of lens, which it says is “the first progressive lens to match the maximum volume of vision that wearers need in the modern world.”

Rolled out to UK practitioners this month, the Varilux X series lens also combines new personalisation tools that ensure wearers have the “ultimate vision experience.”

Essilor explained that while earlier progressive lens designs were based on a single distance for near vision, at 40cm, and in one viewing direction only, the Varilux X series lens can handle multiple near distances in a 40-70 cm arm’s length sphere, giving extended vision.

The new lens is said to meet 75% match of the wearers’ visual needs within arm’s length, the highest match ever achieved by a progressive lens. This is compared with the 59% match average from alternative premium progressive designs and makes it the highest match ever achieved by a progressive lens, Essilor highlighted.

Head of marketing at Essilor, Jonathan Cohen, said: “We will liberate Generation X presbyopes who are multi-tasking all day in an accelerated and online world and always feel rushed. Progressive lenses should not slow them down.  They expect visual fluidity yet even the latest technology continues to force them to move to find the right vision zone.”

Coinciding with the launch of the Varilux X series lens, Essilor has released a new and exclusive measuring protocol for practitioners so support them in measuring a patient’s near vision behaviour, therefore optimising the new lens for them. 

For more information, visit Essilor's eye care practitioner website.


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