Positive Impact launches new dry eye and lid hygiene webinar

Through the webinar, Sarah Farrant, who represents the UK as an ambassador for TFOS, shared best practice tips and discussed her experience with the NuLids electronic lid cleaning device and Purifeyes antimicrobial spray

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Pexels/Dhyamis Kleber

Positive Impact has released a new webinar focused on dry eye and lid hygiene.

The webinar features optometrist Sarah Farrant, who represents the UK as an ambassador for the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society (TFOS).

Farrant shares her best practice tips, and also discusses her experience with the NuLids electronic lid cleaning device, and how she incorporated the use of Purifeyes antimicrobial spray into practice.

Sarah Farrant, UK ambassador for TFOS
Purifeyes utilises an advanced proprietary hypochlorous technology to provide hygiene and protection. The spray is recommended for the treatment and prevention of eyelid margin inflammation.

Earlier this year, Positive Impact signed an agreement with Clinical Health Technologies for the exclusive distribution of Purifeyes to the independent optometry sector.

During the webinar Farrant and Positive Impact’s director of marketing and professional services, Nick Atkins, discussed the role and value of hypochlorous acid.

Farrant also shares how this connects with the home care regimen of her dry eye patients, suggesting that while using a lid cleaner dislodges eyelid debris, it does not address the cause of blepharitis, but adding an antimicrobial agent to the patient regimen would work alongside a cleanser to reduce symptoms.

Atkins explained: “Hypochorlous acid is the molecule naturally produced by neutrophils during the immune system’s innate response. Purifeyes uses an oxidising action which is highly effective and also non-cytotoxic, causing no harm to human skin, eyelashes or the ocular surface.”

He added that the proprietary manufacturing process results in an “extremely pure” hypochlorous solution at almost half the concentration of more conventionally produced solutions.

The new webinar is available on Positive Impact’s website.