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Cerium partners with University of Essex

The equipment manufacturer plans to expand its international presence after developing its latest colorimeter with the university

09 Apr 2018 by Andrew McClean

Cerium Visual Technologies has partnered with the University of Essex to further develop its Intuitive Colorimeter Curve.

The exclusive license agreement gives the optical equipment manufacturer access to the university's academic expertise, which Cerium will use to expand its international presence.

Managing director at Cerium, Kimberley Harrison, explained that the partnership has provided a platform to develop a system that serves the needs of modern practices.

"The academic support and expertise given by the University, in conjunction with a clear commercial strategy and strong industry feedback, has allowed for the development of a truly innovative new approach to ophthalmic colorimetry," she said.

The Curve, which was launched in January at 100% Optical, was developed in partnership with Professor Arnold Wilkins from the university's department of psychology.

When speaking about the fully digital assessment provided by the Curve, Professor Wilkins said: "I have had positive feedback from many patients; from a young boy who said he could now read the whiteboard at school to adults who have suffered head injuries and strokes and are helped to read again. It is very rewarding."

The Curve enables practitioners to accurately and quickly prescribe tinted lenses to patients with visual stress-related reading problems and associated medical conditions.

Founder of Paul Adler Optometrist, Paul Adler, said: "Precision tinted lenses are a useful technique and, when used appropriately, can be a game changer for those patients who are diagnosed with visual stress."

Watch Cerium demonstrate the Curve to OT at 100% Optical.


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