Menicon launches myopia control treatment plan

First introduced in the Netherlands in 2019, Menicon Bloom will now be available in seven more markets, including the UK

Menicon bloom products

Menicon has announced the UK launch of its new holistic treatment plan for myopia control.

Menicon Bloom features two contact lenses that are CE-approved for myopia control; an orthokeratology lens, Menicon Bloom Night, and an extended depth of focus soft daily disposable contact lens, the Menicon Bloom Day. 

The treatment plan includes lens care solutions, fitting software for eye care professionals (ECPs) and a Menicon Bloom app.

Utilising these features, the company suggested “this holistic treatment plan helps slow down the progression of childhood myopia while providing all the tools for a successful myopia journey.”

The Menicon Bloom app has been designed to support communication between the patient and their practitioner, and to enable the ECP to monitor the patient’s progress.

The launch coincides with the introduction of a new marketing campaign, ‘See their imagination bloom,’ which aims to raise awareness of childhood myopia and possible treatment options, and illustrate how the treatment plan can be incorporated into children’s daily routines.

Menicon Bloom was introduced in the Netherlands in 2019 and will be rolled out across the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Australia and Singapore beginning this month.

The company highlighted that the prevalence of myopia in young people has increased in recent decades to around 30% in “industrialised societies” in the West, and to “epidemic levels” of over 90% in some parts of east Asia.