Contact lens partnership rated ‘outstanding’

The project developed software to analyse how a soft lens fits on the eye

Contact Lens

Contact Lens Precision Laboratories has been awarded an ‘outstanding’ rating for its Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Liverpool.

Recognised by the KTP Grading Panel, the partnership ran from March 2014 to December 2017 in order to develop contact lenses for people suffering from visual loss due to irregular corneas.

It was led by a team that included: research associate, Dr Ahmed Abass; business based supervisor, Lynn White; knowledge based supervisor, Dr Steve Jones; chair of the project local management committee, John Clamp; knowledge based leader, Professor Ahmed Elsheikh; with support provided from Gerry O’Hagen at Innovate UK.

A range of software programs was developed to facilitate analysis of how a soft lens fits on the eye.

The modelling takes into account the properties of the eye and lens, and demonstrates how soft lenses drape, stretch and settle onto a cornea.

Software was used to compare the fit of lenses directly between individual eyes and across different populations.

The partnership has contributed towards the design of new products, such as the Avanti monthly disposable contact lens.