Saffron extract may protect against glaucoma

A study in mice found that oral administration of a saffron extract was able to protect against neuroinflammation associated with increased IOP

New research has highlighted the protective effects of a saffron extract in preventing the development of glaucoma.

The study, which was published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences, found that Pharmactive’s affronEye had neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects.  

In order to test the drug’s effectiveness, researchers administered a single oral daily dose of affronEye over seven days to a group of male Swiss albino mice with a second group of mice serving as a control.

Mice that were treated with affronEye had a significantly higher number of living retinal ganglion cells, while protein biomarkers of inflammation were also reduced in this group when compared to controls.

Alberto Espinel, research and development head for Pharmactive, shared that saffron has been appreciated for its culinary and functional properties for centuries.

“affronEye is a next-gen ingredient formulated specifically to address eye health. It is extracted from genuine Spanish saffron,” he said.

Image credit: Pharmactive Biotech Products