Zeiss highlights eye care accessibility issues in rural India for World Sight Day

Its Aloka Vision Programme is providing training to local entrepreneurs so that they can carry out sight tests

Person with refraction spectacles
Zeiss has highlighted its campaign to provide basic eye care in rural parts of India as part of its activity for World Sight Day today (10 October).

The equipment company said that accessibility and affordability of health care products and services, including eye care, is an issue in India where a large number of the population lives in rural regions.

Zeiss’ Aloka Vision Programme, which launched in 2015, aims to improve vision care in these regions through technology, innovation and raising awareness of eye health.

The initiative has been working with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), foundations and development organisations to find local entrepreneurs who are being trained to provide sight tests and spectacles.

Using technology, the Aloka entrepreneurs are connected to an optometrist, which ensures high quality screening.

In 10 states of India more than 40 NGOs and local entrepreneurs work with the Aloka Vision Programme, providing thousands of people with eye examinations and spectacles every month.

The programme uses an app to make it easier to select and order frames. Local partners can also video call with the Aloka team to receive support for difficult cases.

The sales benefit local entrepreneurs as a proportion goes towards procuring the frames and lenses, shipping and project development.