OT  Skills Guide

Using a topographer for contact lens fitting

This OT  skills guide will introduce viewers to corneal topography

OT has published a series of four skills guide videos focused on fitting contact lenses. These guides will explore the topic of fitting soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

This skills guide introduces the viewer to corneal topography and how it can be used to assist with contact lens fitting. This includes a demonstration of software which simulates fluorescein fitting patterns.

Using a topographer for contact lens fitting

This contact lens skills guide video series has been adapted from a past CPD Video exam with optometrist Drew Thompson. Titled Soft and RGP contact lens pearls, the 2022 CPD exam provides a back-to-basics look at fitting, and includes videos comparing good and poor fittings. The now-closed CPD video can be watched in full in OT’s Education library.