Your opinion on vision and driving

Members invited to take part in our Voice of Optometry survey

We’ve launched our latest Voice of Optometry survey, open from Wednesday 2 November on vision standards for driving.

The UK’s vision laws fall behind many other countries, yet the Government has failed to act – despite our calls for change over the last five years.

Although the Government’s Road Safety Statement in 2019 outlined some welcomed steps on this issue, since we’ve not seen the action vitally needed. 

We’re committed to shaping the future of the profession for you, our members. One of the key ways we can achieve this is by being a leading voice on the issues affecting you.

Your responses will give us the data and anecdotes we need for our next Don’t swerve a sight test campaign as well as further policy and influencing work in this area.

How to take part

A unique link to access the latest survey was emailed to all practising members from Survey Monkey on Wednesday 2 November.

If you haven’t received the survey, please email [email protected].

Find out more on our Voice of Optometry page or visit the campaign pages to see how we’ve used responses in the past.