Stand-out style

Eyewear in designers’ spring and summer collections have an emphasis on bright colours, unique materials and unusual shapes

Nadia von Scotti

Sunglasses: A new dawn

Austrian eyewear brand, Neubau Eyewear, has launched a new special collection featuring two avant-garde sunglasses to represent “the spirit of new beginnings.”

Introducing the ‘Transition’ frames, the brand said the collection was inspired by themes of “breaking free from the past and starting anew,” while the individual frames aim to capture a sense of the transition from night to day.

The ‘special edition’ frames, ‘Xenon’ and ‘Neon,’ host a colourful beta titanium feature along the brow line and mirrored lenses.

The frames are both made from the brand’s natural3D sustainable material. The bio-based polymer is made from castor oil beans, and the material is then processed in a 3D printing, “no-waste” method.


Spectacles: Pastel perfection

William Morris London has highlighted three new “stand-out and eccentric” styles from its spring/summer 2022 collection.

The ‘LN50243’ metal frames in the spring launch take unique shapes with accentuated rims.

Meanwhile, the ‘LN5023’ and ‘LN50238’ acetate frames feature splashes of pastel colours in unique designs, with colours blossom-inspired hues including blues, greens, and pinks.

“Playful designs and bright colour splashes are ideal for the season ahead to reflect the brighter days around the corner,” the brand shared, adding that the styles are “ideal for glasses wearers who want to stand out from the crowd and radiate a stylish aura.”


Spectacles: At the core

Eco Eyewear, a Modo Eyewear brand, has launched its spring/summer 2022 collection with four ‘families’ centred around different sustainable materials: 95% recycled metals, bio-based plastics, ocean plastic and bio acetate.

New styles in the bio-acetate range, made from renewable materials like cotton and wood pulp, include the pantos ‘Peridot’ featuring a neo-retro keyhole bridge and flat brow line design. Alongside entries to the optical styles, four new sunglass designs have also been introduced.

In the recycled metals collection, the new ‘Osier’ sunglasses are available in a rounded square style with polarised lenses in colours ranging from yellow to denim.


Spectacles: Street style

International Eyewear introduced 10 new frames in the Humphrey’s 2022 collection, which is inspired by street style and aimed at a young generation “with a zest for life.”

The models, ‘583140’, ‘583141’, and ‘583143,’ pair unique shapes with transparent base shades, bold colour accents and unique lamination techniques. The oversized ‘583139’ frame is a bold design for “the more adventurous.”

The ‘581108’, ‘581109’, and ‘581111’ feature slim HD acetate fronts, and streamlined metal sides in creative colour combinations.

Finally, the ‘582353’, ‘582354’, and ‘582361’ present new shapes and colour edits in a “trio of trending metals.”


Sunglasses: A lasting statement

Retrosuperfuture has introduced its Spring Summer 2022 collection, which features a “more curated approach… that lasts beyond the season.” The collection includes four new sunglass silhouettes with tinted acetates in a variety of bold colours, while the optical range features seven new silhouettes – five in acetate and two metal frames.

In sunglasses, the brand highlighted ‘Zenya’ as a stand-out model (pictured). The oversized cat’s eye frame hosts an angular design with thick rims and wide rectangular lenses, while a V-shaped brow line provides “unique flair.” The design is available in three shades: all-black with black lenses, spotted Havana with black lenses, and a purple and black checked acetate.

The ‘Colpo’ frame has a low profile, inspired by chunky 1960s frames, with a sharp brow line, along with futuristic streamlined shapes and shiny finishes. The chunky ‘Modo’ style has squared lenses with thick rims, and a lowered nose bridge to highlight its strong brows. The thick sides of the frame are counterbalanced by thinner rims around the lenses.

The optical collection features ‘Numero 95’ and ‘Numero 99,’ which play with proportions in acetate frames with squared silhouettes, while ‘Numero 96’ is an oversized square frame with curved acetate rims, inspired by 1960s styles and 1990s references.

The ‘Sabato Optical’ adapts the popular model as an optical frame. The oversized model features wide square lenses and chunky sides, and ‘Numero 100’ is a bold update of the cat’s eye frame.


Dry eye: Bags of potential

Théa Pharmaceuticals has added the Blepha EyeBag to its range of eyelid care products. The Blepha EyeBag is designed to treat eye conditions including meibomian gland dysfunction, blepharitis, stye, chalazion, and dry eye disease.

The compress is made from silk and cotton, with flax (linseed) filling, and can be reheated up to 200 times. Production of the Blepha EyeBag is UK-based, and the flax content is locally sourced.

The product can relieve symptoms including grittiness, tiredness, redness, dryness, and eye irritation, after 14 days of use.


Equipment: Dry eye assessment

Grafton Optical has launched a new module from SBM Sistemi to enable practices to turn their slit lamps into a digital dry eye assessment tool.

The DSLC200 Slit Lamp Imaging Module features a 3.1 megapixel camera with 1/1.8” sensor and optical image splitter to provide high quality images and videos, as well as an adjustable focus distance. The image splitter is fitted between the eyepiece and magnification optics.

Used in combination with the DSLC200 module, the DEM100 Dry Eye Module then includes examinations for interferometry, tear meniscus, bulbar redness, meibography, blepharitis, NIBUT and anterior segment imaging.