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From titanium frames to 3D printed materials, and flexible models to eco-eyewear for kids, OT  picks out key updates in eyewear

Children wearing Sea2see frames

Frames: 3D fashion

Danish brand, Monoqool, has introduced 11 new models, with fronts made from a 3D-printed polyamide, and recycled stainless steel sides.

A standout frame from the new collection is the ‘Utopia’ model. A round style, the frame featured a quirky grooved detailing, showing off the 3D printing capabilities, alongside a metal bridge. The frame is also available in a sunglasses model and comes in colours including Atlantic blue, pirate grey, safari green, and black.

Other models include the ‘Roots RT’, a square shape with thick rims and available in cloudy pink, safari green, pirate grey, or ponderosa green. The new women’s frame, ‘Funky Town’ is inspired by the traditional cat’s eye and oval frame shapes.


Spectacles: Young eco heroes

The sustainable eyewear brand, Sea2see has launched a ‘petite’ collection of frames for kids and teenagers. Like the rest of Sea2see’s catalogue, the frames are made from recycled marine plastic.

Frames include the ‘Clarisse’ model, a narrow frame available in eight colours including ombre hues or striped designs, and the ‘Sasha’, a modified panto style available in six colours.

The rectangular ‘Joe’ frame is available in six colourways, while the ‘Luca’ also offers a rectangular shape, in four graduated or two-tone colours.

Commenting on the launch of the collection, Francois van den Abeele, founder of Sea2see said: “Young people are the future of the environmental movement… we have seen an incredible enthusiasm and support from them since we first launched our ‘seastainable’ products in this category and for this reason we are expanding the line. There is now a Sea2see frame for every member of the family so everyone can be part of the change.” 


Spectacles: Modern classes

Lara D’ has expanded its men’s eyewear collection with four new optical designs in acetate materials.

Styles in the collection include a new take on the rectangle frame with ‘Leon’ (pictured), featuring translucent colours and a tri-colour palette, while the ‘Kody’ frame offers an oval-shape and modern “quirky” design. The ‘Kubert’ presents a vintage look, while the ‘Lenny’ frame features an aviator style but with modern twists, including a tri-colour design.

Designer, Lara D’Alpaos, said she expanded the collection in response to demand for men’s eyewear, explaining: “We’ve gone for statement shapes and used our artisan techniques to create elegant surface finishes in a colour palette that was carefully researched to offer a new take on classics for men.”


Tech: Frames of the future

A Stockholm-based tech company, Skugga, has created a miniaturised smart eyewear module designed specifically for eyewear brands.

The company has partnered with McLaren Vision to create an avantgarde range of sunglasses featuring the technology. The brands suggest the frames have retained their stylish and lightweight aesthetics, while incorporating the tech.

Skugga’s technology provides the user access to Bluetooth motion and environmental sensor data, LEDs for notification and navigation, and connectivity with health apps.


Children: Style and comfort

Dibble Optical has introduced Miraflex’s new range of children’s eyewear which adds four frames to its Flexible & Light collection.

Made from a lightweight TR90 material, the frames have been designed to suit the contour of a child’s face, aiming to produce a stylish and comfortable frame.

The models have also been designed to support clip-ons. This consists of four models in five colourways, including a magnetic clip-on with polarised sun lenses, offering UV protection. The range is aimed at young people aged between four and 11.


Frames: Experimental materials

International Eyewear has highlighted Eschenbach Opti’s latest releases in its Titanflex and Humphrey’s collections.

The latest Titanflex collection presents seven models composed of a titanium metal alloy that the company suggests is “ten times more elastic than conventional spring stainless steel.” The memory metal effect of the material also means that the frame returns to its original shape if deformed.

The ‘820880’ is characterised by a Nordic shape and colour, while the ‘850101’ presents a playful colour scheme and classic design.

The ‘Light Style 823016’ is available as a rimless style with interchangeable eye shapes, pin system and soft touch sides.

The Humphrey’s collection, meanwhile, features frames which experiment with flexible stainless steel and multi-layer acetates, metallic base tones and quirky colour pops on the hinge joints and side tips.

The collection features 13 statement styles “for digital rebels.” The casual basics ‘581105,’ ‘581106,’ and ‘581107,’ offer a “non-conformist” design for those who want to stand out from the crowd, while ‘582350,’ and ‘582349’ metal frames are available in ‘his and hers’ styles with retro throwbacks.


Frames: A treasure trove of style

Silhouette has added a new collection to its range of luxury frames, with frames inspired by jewellery design and finished with 23 carat gold. The Artline collection features four new shapes, with two styles for women and two for men.

Two cat’s-eye shapes have been introduced for women, in an oversized but delicate design. The first model creates an elongated look and is hand embellished with crystals, whilst the second has a more angular shape and has been accentuated with contoured lines.

In the men’s range, the aviator style is available in a brushed or polished rhodium or gold finish, and features angled lines. A panto shape (pictured) has also been designed for a “smart yet stylish” style.