Inspiration everywhere

Eyewear designers have drawn inspiration from entertainment, jewellery, architecture for stand-out frames

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Spectacles: Sartorial inspiration

Cutler and Gross has launched its third collection in its collaboration with the Kingsman film franchise, tying in with the release of the latest movie: The King’s Man in December 2021.

The new collection is made up of six new designs influenced by the plot of the new film, which is set around the First World War, embracing aviators, classic styles, and sartorial colourways. The frames also feature in the film.

Frames include the ‘9000 Kingsman Optical,’ a classic round model based on a vintage piece from the early 1900s, which has been resized and re-engineered in modern materials.

The brand has collaborated with the Kingsman franchise since the first film in 2015, drawing influence from costume details in the script of each film.

Cutler and Gross
Cutler and Gross / Kingsman

Spectacles: Urban aesthetic

Charmant has launched a new collection of its Charmant Z glasses for men with a “cool, urban vibe.” The new models are inspired by industrial design aesthetics featuring smooth Z titanium surfaces, metallic tones and exposed 3D construction in the sides of the frame.

Frames include the ‘ZT 27052’ [pictured] a full-rimmed frame inspired by industrial aesthetics, with striking details on the sides including Z titanium lines and floating titanium parts for a unique look and flexibility. The minimalist model is available in black, brown, grey and gold-plated colours.

The ‘ZT 27049’ half-rim model features a subtle square shape with titanium arms and 3D titanium spring parts, while the ‘ZT 27053’ and ‘ZT27056’ offer a sleeker design with diagonal embellishments. 


Spectacles: Celebrating colour

The eyewear designer, Maison Jean-François Rey, introduced a new collection of all-acetate frames for women, Athena.

The four large retro shapes have been designed as a “celebration of colour,” featuring sophisticated materials combined with acetate collages which present “contrasting ranges of colours and transcendent light effects.” Frames include the ‘JF1510’ in a colourful frame with fluorescent yellow feature (pictured).

The brand shared: “Whether it’s tart hues, pop touches, subtle gradations or graphic effects, the materials set the tone of the line and set the look.”


Material: Fabulous flex

The eyewear brand Kaleos launched memory titanium, a new material to provide extra flexibility – enabling frames to always return to their initial position when flexed.

The search for a new material came “from an important need from our customers to have extra flexible material for optical frames,” the brand shared.

Kaleos suggested eyewear made from memory titanium is ideal for active wearers “that are always on the move… that never stop and need daily frames that accompany their active lifestyle.”

Alongside the introduction of the material, the brand released eight new styles in five different colours.

Styles include the ‘Winter’ frame, a handmade hexagonal model with thin titanium sheet rims cut by laser. The bridge and sides are made from memory titanium with acetate tips and adjustable PVC nose pads.


Frames: Precision and polish

Swarovski, distributed by Marcolin, revealed Collection II, a new line which “reinvigorates its eyewear offering” with new pieces informed by the company’s Collection I and II jewellery families.

The launch includes four different aesthetics in optical and sunglass versions, including ‘Dulcis’ which offers pop art influences with precision cut crystal, ‘Micro Pavé’ which combines pavé stones with metal tones, ‘Macro Pavé’ with large precision cut crystals in an oversized pavé’ style, and finally the ‘Octagon’ which is inspired by the brand shape.

Sunglass highlights from the collection included the ‘Dulcis SK0335’, a playful frame with soft curves but a bold look. The lenses and frames have a mirror finish and is available in gold-tone or pink colourways.

From the optical collection, the ‘Dulcis SK5420’ features a gold-tone finish and rim with an oversized crystal resting on each side.


Display: Danish style

Monoqool has collaborated with the Danish designer, Mads Hanghøjfor, for a unique and handcrafted store display concept designed to highlight the eyewear brand’s sustainable 3D-printed frames.

The units are designed to present the feeling of high-end Danish furniture, finished in warm walnut veneer and can be free-standing or wall mounted in a variety of configurations to meet specific spaces or demands.

The concept includes a frame display unit for 39 frames and a brand explainer/mirror unit, which highlights and explains details and individual parts of the frames for customers. Up to five frame display units can be installed together alongside the brand explainer/mirror unit.

Allan Petersen, CEO of Monoqool, shared that the brand is “committed to working closely” with practices and optical retailers to provide the tools needed to share the brand, adding: “This new store display concept is especially versatile and unique – allowing a multitude of possibilities, to fit any space.”

Monoqool frames

Spectacles: Lightweight innovation

Rodenstock Eyewear has introduced the Ultimate Lightness series of prescription eyewear. With a minimalist style, the company said the approach to the new collection was that “a good design is reduced to the essential, crucial elements and is completed by technical innovation.”

The frames weigh just 4.75 grams and are made of pure titanium, while the sides are ergonomically shaped for comfort. A coloured synthetic Nylor thread is used in the lower area of the frame to stabilise the lenses, and provide a subtle colour detail.

The colour of the Nylor thread can be selected and customised from an option of five colours.

The frames are available for men and women and come in four colours.