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Stem cell treatment makes progress

28 April 2017 by Selina Powell

A new therapy for retinitis pigmentosa will be tested on 70 patients as part of a single-masked study

Let there be light, again

28 April 2017 by Selina Powell

Resetting a light-sensing pigment may improve current treatments for retinal degenerative diseases, new research shows

The importance of eye care for people with dementia is highlighted

28 April 2017 by Emily McCormick

Research led by the College of Optometrists finds that people with dementia are more likely to require vision correction than their counterparts

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How pets see the world

28 April 2017 by Selina Powell

From feline friends to scaly companions, a new infographic reveals how animals perceive their surroundings

Peek Retina Smartphone App

New tool to combat avoidable blindness

27 April 2017 by John White, Laurence Derbyshire

Peek Retina smartphone adapter launches

In the blink of a bionic eye

07 April 2017 by Selina Powell

An Australian company will conduct a clinical trial of its retinal implant technology after securing £13.4m in overseas investment