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In the public eye

18 May 2018 by Selina Powell

Head of policy and research at the General Optical Council, David Rowland, talks with OT  about key insights into how the public views the profession

Proof positive: reinventing a practice through evidence

15 May 2018 by Selina Powell

An independent that adapted its business model on the basis of data gathered in practice now derives half its income from chair time

Raising the bar: vision science takes a trip to the pub

15 May 2018 by Selina Powell

Unlike many alehouse epiphanies, the ideas discussed at the Pint of Science festival (14-16 May) will still have merit the next morning

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Finding reason between the extremes

03 May 2018 by John White, Laurence Derbyshire

Visual stress and the Intuitive Colorimeter are no strangers to controversy. Experts Professor Arnold Wilkins and Professor Bruce Evans offer their take on the story behind the headlines, including the claims about treating dyslexia, and why a big, multicentred randomised trial is such an important next step for the profession

Great expectations

02 May 2018 by Selina Powell

OT  talks with Sensimed chief executive officer, David Bailey, about the Swiss smart lens company‚Äôs aim of revolutionising glaucoma care

Innovative spectacles slow myopia progression by 60%

19 April 2018 by Selina Powell

Hong Kong researchers report on a two-year study of 160 Chinese children who wore spectacles adapted to prevent myopia progression