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First case of unilateral retinitis pigmentosa at Edinburgh eye hospital

20 March 2018 by Selina Powell

A 35-year-old woman is diagnosed with RP more than two decades after she first presented to an ophthalmology department with a pale optic disc

‘Ground-breaking’ UK trial could lead to off-the-shelf stem cell treatment for wet AMD within five years

20 March 2018 by Selina Powell

An 86-year-old Croydon man is able to read the newspaper and help his wife with the gardening again after he received a pioneering therapy

What’s new in DEWS II?

20 March 2018 by Selina Powell, Laurence Derbyshire

Optometrist, Niall O’Kane, talks with OT  about how to apply an updated definition of dry eye in practice

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OrCam recognised in awards shortlist

13 March 2018 by Emily McCormick

The MyEye 2.0 has been nominated for a Health and Innovation Award

Leon Paull

A helping hand

01 March 2018 by Selina Powell, Laurence Derbyshire

The life-changing impact of technology that aids independence was emphasised at 100% Optical

Scientists create paper-thin "artificial eye"

27 February 2018 by Selina Powell

A metalens incorporating artificial muscle technology could make the images produced by cameras, microscopes and telescopes clearer