A taste of the Far East in the frame

New Coco Song ophthalmic styles for women are inspired by the Orient

14 Feb 2017 by Robina Moss

Coco Song spectaclesArea98 has launched its 2017 Coco Song ophthalmic collection for women. The new frames are inspired by the colours, symbols and opulence of the Far East, according to the company.

The most dramatic statement frame of the collection is the ‘New Romantic’ style (pictured). The inspiration for the new style is from an imperial garden, with tones of black, red, blue and purple silk used in the design.

Small dried herbs have been applied to the frame in contrasting colours. The new frame is also embellished with a metal decoration reminiscent of peach blossom and the symbol ‘of the nation of the Rising Sun.’

The broad and square frame ‘Known Place’ features silk and feathers inserted into the eyewear. Semi-precious stones framed by metal detailing decorate the sides of the frame.

The most popular colours of the region can be seen on the ‘Wild Dream’ frame. Its wide front and slightly cat’s-eye shape is combined with feathers and triangular cut semi-precious stones feature on the sides. A more toned down frame is ‘Blues Lesson’ in which only silk and feathers appear.

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