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Being bold with Wolf Eyewear

Tom Wolfenden, owner of Wolf Eyewear, told OT  about the brand’s latest collection and 15th anniversary plans at 100% Optical

Wolf Eyewear’s latest collection encapsulates the ambitions of the brand to be “stretching boundaries,” OT heard at 100% Optical 2024 (24–26 February).

The eyewear brand launched its latest collection, Alpha, this year.

Tom Wolfenden, CEO of Wolf Eyewear, explained: “Alpha is Wolf’s expression into a level of detail and quality that we want to keep growing as a business.”

The collection represents the brand’s ambitions to “keep pushing forward, never stay just in one place and keep stretching boundaries and trying new things,” Wolfenden told OT.

Wolf Eyewear was joined on its stand at 100% Optical 2024 by White Optics, as the eyewear supplier became part of the ‘wolf pack.’

Wolfenden shared: “Wolf as a company – our ethos and where we’ve come from as a business – is all about being bold. We love to add colour, we love to have fun. You can say the same thing about all of our collections, and our new business White Optics.”

The decision was motivated by the company’s aim to add value for optometry practices, Wolfenden said, adding: “That is where the quality of the service comes from."

This year marks an important milestone in the history of Wolf Eyewear as the brand celebrates 15 years in business.

Wolfenden shared that plans to celebrate the 15-year anniversary include “adding more fun and being a bit more adventurous.”

“We want to add that level of connection and a community-based feel to all our companies,” he added.