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Hoya showcases premium anti-reflection coating

OT  heard from the Hoya Lens UK team on the key features of the Hi-Vision Meiryo at 100% Optical 2024

A new anti-reflection coating, the Hi-Vision Meiryo, was the focus for Hoya Lens UK at 100% Optical 2024 (24–26 February).

Dale Hughes, marketing manager for Hoya Lens UK, told OT: “It’s been over 10 years since we launched a premium coating, so we’re delighted to bring that to the market this year.”

Keith Elliott, regional sales manager for the north at Hoya Lens UK, described the new product as “our most innovative anti-reflection coating,” and explained that the new coating has come from “60 years’ worth of research and development from Hoya labs.”

The coating boasts 56% lower reflectance and up to 2.5 times better scratch resistance than competitor products, the company suggests, while it is also easy to keep clean.

Elliott shared: “We always listen to what our customers and patients are saying, and what we wanted to offer was a modern coating that reflects what people are doing with their modern lives.”

“Glasses are on and off more than they used to be, they are having to put up with all the different elements and a lot of cleaning. We want something that is clear, looks great, and will give you the confidence to wear,” he said.

The lens coating provides UV protection, and Elliott provided OT with a demonstration of the lenses in action.

Discussing what the lens coating might mean for practices, Elliott suggested that given its clarity, scratch resistance, and UV protection features: “We would recommend that this lens is positioned at the top of their lens portfolio.”

Hoya has further products in the spotlight for 2024, with its new visuReal Master video centration system that utilises artificial intelligence, while myopia will also continue to be a core focus with the Miyosmart and Miyosmart Sun lenses.