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OT  focuses on…equipment at 100% Optical 2020

From OCT to hearing aids, OT  takes a look at what exhibitors will be showcasing at 100% Optical 2020


OCT: Deviation map

Heidelberg Engineering will showcase its latest innovations in glaucoma diagnostics, including a software update for its Spectralis optical coherence tomography (OCT) device. 

The new Deviation Map feature is available free of charge to all Spectralis owners who have the premium edition of its glaucoma module.

The update includes thickness deviation maps, which highlight whether the thickness measurements of each retinal layer are within or outside of normal limits in comparison to a reference database.

Heidelberg explained that new thickness maps, with a uniform colour scale, make changes in retinal thickness more easily perceived by the human eye in comparison to the traditional hue colour scale.

Clinical affairs manager at Heidelberg, Tim Cole, said: “The comparison of thickness measurements with the reference database enhances the diagnostic value of thickness maps and improves the visualisation of structural defects consistent with glaucoma.”

It also offers a classification chart with values derived from a Garway-Heath six sector grid, which is automatically aligned on the macular according to the individual anatomy of each eye using the anatomical positioning system.

The comparison of thickness measurements with the reference database enhances the diagnostic value of thickness maps

Clinical affairs manager at Heidelberg, Tim Cole

OCT: Voice prompts

BiB Ophthalmic Instruments will launch Optopol’s latest OCT device, the Revo FC, and showcase Azul Optic’s MP-eye, which is nominated for Product of the Year at the AOP Awards 2020.

The equipment supplier highlighted that Revo FC has an easy to use interface and fully programmable scan sequence that can be modified to suit each practice and patient.

It features full auto-alignment and capture, with voice prompts to guide the patient throughout the scan.

Revo FC combines the functionality of Revo 80 with a fundus camera and feature high-resolution OCT and true colour fundus imaging.

It has an integrated non-mydriatic 12.3 megapixel fundus camera, a wide viewing angle of 45° and can take 80,000 A-scans per second.

Azul Optic’s MP-eye is designed for macular pigment assessment that provides highly repeatable results.

CEO of BiB, Tim Baker, said: “The scored results determine a risk factor and provide lifestyle recommendations including suggestions of blue block lenses, sunglasses and dietary supplements, if required, and in turn provides a return on investment.”

Revo FC
The Revo FC

OCT: Eye tracker

Birmingham Optical will showcase Nidek’s newly launched Mirante OCT device which combines ultra-widefield colour imaging with ultra-widefield OCT.

The company explained that it has a state-of-the-art eye tracker and an in-built scanning laser ophthalmoscope with four lasers – infrared, red, blue and green.

It has four separate sensors for each colour in order to provide true colour imaging, reaching out to 163°.

Birmingham Optical also highlighted the upcoming launch of the Oculus Myopia Master, which will incorporate auto refraction, keratometry, optical biometry for axial length and in-built myopia questionnaires.

It provides a myopia risk analysis and progression reporting to evaluate the effectiveness of suggested therapies.

Director of medical and education at Birmingham Optical, Jason Higginbotham, said: “Thanks to the advances in technology, these high-quality and ultra high-resolution OCT products are going to help increase the use of OCT. Myopia is a hot topic and manufacturers of lenses and diagnostic devices are responding to the market demand.”

Nidek’s Mirante OCT

Analyser: Evidence-based

Eyoto will be demonstrating its eMap lens analysis platforms.

The cloud-connected systems are designed for wholesale labs or independent practices looking to set themselves apart from competition on the High Street, the company explained.

eMap for retail provides evidence-based dispensing to independent practitioners and create a new lens experience for patients.

Eyoto said that the dispensing platform provides more detail than ever before to help patients understand their current lens performance and what options can meet their lifestyle needs.

Chief technology officer at Eyoto, Jonathan Dean, said: “Eyoto will be back for the forthcoming 100% Optical show and will be demonstrating all variants of the ground breaking eMap systems.”

Eyoto emap
Eyoto’s eMap

Tonometer: Non-contact

Grafton Optical will launch TonoVue-P by Crystalvue, an automatic, touch screen, non-contact tonometer with pachymetry.

The company said that it provides accurate and reliable intraocular pressure (IOP) and corneal thickness measurements in one device.

It features full automated 3D eye tracking to minimise the effects of patient movements and a soft air puff that can be controlled for each eye with built-in software.

TonoVue-P provides compensated IOP values, which can be customised by the user, by using central corneal thickness and IOP.

The eye tracking function is operated by touching the centre of the pupil on the screen and pressing ‘start.’ A measurement report is printed automatically by a built-in printer.

TonoVue-P by Crystalvue

Diagnostic: Infinity projection

Luneau Technology will showcase the VX120+ diagnostic and VX25 refraction devices from its Visionix brand.

The VX120+ diagnostic device is available with dry eye testing and incorporates three elements to help diagnose the disease.

It includes a dry eye module with non-invasive tear break time, tear meniscus evaluation and a gallery of eye colour images.

The company explained that it is committed to provide practitioners with the most innovative, integrated solutions for the diagnosis of dry eye disease.

Luneau Technology said that VX25 is a short distance display that when placed at a distance of 0.8cm from its Eye Refract, enables a refraction that is identical to and as precise as a projection to infinity.

The screen is designed to provide optimal results in small examination rooms and removes the need to use a standard projection or mirror image.

Luneau Technology device
Luneau Technology’s Visionix brand

Hearing aid: Controlled amplification

TuneAmp will showcase its range of hearing devices, including its new in-the-ear hearing solution.

The new device is designed specifically for people with mild to moderate hearing loss and is described by the company as “an effective yet affordable alternative to traditional hearing aids.”

Audiologist at TuneAmp, Dr Daniel Schumaier, said: “We utilise innovative, patented technology to bring your patients ultimate hearing clarity – they can control the amplification settings at a touch of a button or using a smartphone app that uses iOS or Android.”

TuneAmp’s new in-the-ear hearing aid