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From transitions to extended depth of focus technology, OT  rounds up the latest contact lens launches

Acuvue Transitions cyclist

Photochromic: Transitions technology

Johnson & Johnson Vision has started a phased rollout of Acuvue Oasys with Transitions light intelligent technology to UK practitioners.

The company explained that the photochromic contact lens will be made available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa “soon,” with the UK being the first market to launch this year.

Director of Northern Europe and general manager of the UK and Ireland at Johnson & Johnson Vision, Giovanni Abruzzini, said: “Every day, we are exposed to harsh lights and UV rays, which has the potential to impact eye comfort and vision.”

“We believe this technology will be a game changer for the health and eye care industries, giving contact lens wearers a seamless way to support eye protection and help manage the stress associated with everyday light conditions,” he explained.

The company shared findings from a survey of 1047 people, which revealed how Brits feel their vision is affected by light.

The survey found that 70% of Brits are “bothered” by light, which can result in tired eyes, distraction and discomfort. However, only 34% said they have discussed this with an eye care professional.

We believe this technology will be a game changer for the health and eye care industries

Director of Northern Europe and general manager of the UK and Ireland at Johnson & Johnson Vision, Giovanni Abruzzini

Multifocal: Wearer experience

Mark’ennovy highlighted its contact lens for presbyopia, which includes extended depth of focus (EDOF) technology from the Brien Holden Vision Institute.

The company explained that its EDOF lens is positioned to take on the shortcomings of other multifocal contact lenses that often lead to patients dropping out of contact lens wear.EDOF, which launched in March, is a monthly, silicone hydrogel lens for patients who are presbyopic – a condition that mark’ennovy said affects 340 million people over the age of 45 in Europe. 

Group research and development director at mark’ennovy, Neil Goodenough, said: “The Brien Holden Vision Institute’s patented technology supports a comfortable adjustment to the EDOF, enhancing the overall wearing experience.”

Science and technology manager at the Brien Holden Vision Institute, Dr Fabian Conrad, explained that the optimisation of higher order aberrations in EDOF technology supports clear vision at all distances and minimises unwelcomed visual disturbances such as ghosting and haloes.

MarkEnnovy EDOF packshot

Orthokeratology: Myopia control

Menicon has announced the launch of its Bloom Myopia Control Management System.

The launch includes Menicon Bloom Night, which the company explained is the first and only CE-approved orthokeratology contact lens in Europe for myopia control.

Bloom Night is a specially designed reverse geometry orthokeratology contact lens made from Menicon’s Z rigid material, which is hyper oxygen-permeable. 

Menicon explained that the new corneal shape created after wear provides a particular optical path for incoming light that counters the ocular growth response associated with myopia development.

Fitting of the contact lens is complemented by Easyfit software, which is a tool for practitioners, and a smartphone app, Virtual Dr, which has been designed to enhance the monitoring and communication process between the practitioner and the patient.

CEO of Menicon, Dr Hidenari Tanaka, said: “We are confident that our continuing commitment to myopia control management will position Menicon as a key contributor in this field and strengthen our position as a global vision care company.”

“It is our belief that the growing prevalence of worldwide myopia progression requires a comprehensive and educated response and we have identified this as a major initiative within our development programmes,” Dr Tanaka added

Menicon Bloom management system

Multifocal: Daily disposable

Visioneering Technologies Inc (VTI) has launched NaturalVue Multifocal 1 Day contact lenses.

Distributed in the UK by Positive Impact, the contact lens is CE-approved for presbyopia and myopia management.

The company explained that NaturalVue Multifocal 1 Day used unique and patented centre-distance optics in order to create a virtual pinhole that leads to an extended depth of focus (EDOF).

It has a power range from +4.00D to -12.25D and comes in 0.25D steps, which VTI said is unique for a daily disposable lens. It added that the EDOF generates an effective add of up to +3.00D and, as a result, is fitted like a single vision lens.

Director of marketing and professional services at Positive Impact, Nick Atkins, said: “For presbyopes, the main method of correcting distance and near with soft contact lenses uses the simultaneous vision principle. Apart from subtle enhancements to improve these designs, there has been no real innovation during this time – until now.”

For myopia progression management the EDOF design induces peripheral myopia without compromising vision, Mr Atkins added.

“It is exciting to be at the forefront of a new approach to managing myopia and improving patient outcomes,” he said.

NaturalVue packshot

Solution: Proteolytic enzymes

No7 Contact Lenses has launched Ophtecs’ Cleadew contact lens care system.

The company explained that Cleadew combines the disinfectant properties of povidone-iodine and the cleaning power of proteolytic enzymes.

It is a preservative-free solution for soft contact lens patients, including silicone hydrogel lenses.

The proteolytic enzymes are found in a dual action tablet that breaks down, disintegrates and removes proteins.

Cleadew is designed for patients who are medium to heavy depositors or have experienced staining with MPS solutions.

No7 highlighted that Cleadew kills 99% of acanthamoeba cells, offering patients “unparalleled protection” against the highly resistant amoeba.

Tests have found that Cleadew outperforms other MPS and hydrogen peroxide solutions in rates of induced corneal staining, the company explained.

Cleadew Soft

Daily disposable: Slow progression

CooperVision highlighted that its MiSight 1 Day contact lens is now available at Boots Opticians.

The company explained that the contact lens is the world’s first CE-marked, soft-daily disposable that is proven to significantly slow the progression of myopia in children.

It added that by slowing the rate of progression, MiSight lowers the risk of myopia-related ocular conditions later in life.

MiSight is designed for children from the first onset of myopia and is available for those with a myopic prescription from -0.25D to -6.00D.

CooperVision explained that the contact lens is as easy to fit as a soft single vision lens and does not require any additional equipment or chair time.

Director of marketing and national accounts at CooperVision, Mark Draper, said: “The advanced lens design utilises innovative ActivControl technology to control both axial elongation and myopia progression, whilst fully correcting refractive error. Two treatment zones create myopic defocus with an image focussed in front of the retina, rather than behind it, to slow axial elongation, whilst two correction zones correct myopia in all gaze positions.”

MiSight packshot