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From phoropters to lens solutions, OT  takes a look at the latest product launches

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Phoropter: Precise prescription

Essilor has launched the Vision-R800 phoropter, which utilises its Advanced Vision Accuracy (AVA) technology.

The company explained that the device combines the latest refraction technology to make the prescription more precise with premium lens designs to create an advanced vision experience for the wearer.

Vision-R800 provides refraction in 0.01D steps with instantaneous change of sphere, cylinder and axis at the same time.

The prescription can then be delivered through Essilor’s Varilux X series, Varilux Physio 3.0 and Eyezen lenses.

Managing director of Essilor UK, Tim Precious, said: “Essilor research shows that 95% of the population have more sensitive vision that the current correction steps of 0.25D allow for. This new lens calculation system now targets 0.01D prescription in each lens optimisation point.”

“We are challenging vision correction standards that have been used for over a century. We have analysed over 100,000 vision parameters over five years of research to create this solution. We are improving the entire experience of eye examinations and empowering opticians to tell patients that they are getting the precision that they deserve,” he added.

Independent practitioners are able to try the equipment for a week with no obligation to purchase it. The equipment will be delivered and fitted by Essilor who will also provide training and support.

This new lens calculation system now targets 0.01D prescription in each lens optimisation point

Managing director of Essilor UK, Tim Precious

Spectacles: Designer brand

Eyespace has extended its licensing partnership with Aspinal of London and launched a new range of spectacles.

The collection is inspired by the fashion brand’s range of leather goods and features 44 styles, including 26 for women and 18 for men, that are available in multiple colourways.

Colours from the brand’s sunglasses range that launched in February feature in the spectacles range as does Aspinal of London’s logo, shield-shaped cut outs on the tips and pin details.

Head of marketing at Eyespace, Nicky Clement, said: “It’s rare that a brand as coveted as Aspinal of London comes to market, so we have gone the extra mile to translate its luxurious design aesthetics, craftsmanship-like quality and unparalleled affordability to ensure Aspinal of London eyewear collection stands out within practices.”

“Supported by ultra-luxe merchandising tools designed to draw the eye on today’s busy High Street environment, the collection embraces high-style shaping and design accents, both on-trend and timeless colour palettes alongside stunning toned metals to give practitioners maximum dispensing opportunities,” she added.

Eyespace eyewear
Eyespace’s ‘L500’ from the Aspinal of London collection of spectacles

Solution: Preservative-free

Avizor has added a new scleral contact lens solution to its Ever Clean brand.

The eye care solutions company explained that the launch of the product is in response to requests from eye care practitioners.

Country manager for the UK and Ireland at Avizor, Gary Daniels, said: “We listen to our customers and try to deliver what they need. In this case, a preservative-free solution with a new lens case specifically designed for scleral contact lenses up to 23mm diameter and sagittal height of 9mm.”

Ever Clean scleral solution (pictured below) contains 3% hydrogen peroxide with neutralising tablets, which disinfects, cleans and removes protein in two hours.

Avizor explained that the solution contains povidone, a lubricant that provides greater comfort. It highlighted that the product does not require rubbing or rinsing.

It is available with a scleral lens case that is designed all sizes of scleral lenses, up to 23mm, and features a lens closure cap with three holes for oxygen exit.

Avizor Ever Clean scleral contact lens solution

Sanitiser: Antibacterial agents

Mid-Optic has announced that it is the exclusive UK distributor of the new Adore Hand Sanitizer (pictured below).

The company explained that the hand sanitiser is designed for contact lens wearers and has innovative packaging that is easy to open and use.

Adore contains antibacterial agents that have been clinically evaluated for contact lens surfaces.

Mid-Optic highlighted that is suitable for many lifestyles such as travelling, sport and work.

Each pack contains seven applications that are less than half the size of a credit card and are available in a counter display unit that holds 50 packs.

Adore Hand Sanitizer

Spectacles: Holographic rim

Silhouette has launched a limited edition collection of spectacles to celebrate 20 years of its Titan Minimal Art (TMA) range.

The Austrian eyewear company explained that the four new models represent the brand’s excellence in innovation and design.

The range, which includes two styles for women and two unisex models in oversized shapes, is inspired by the original sketches of the first TMA range.

Women’s model ‘1588’ is a round shaped frame that is available in a cosmic yellow colourway it features a holographic mirrored rim with violet sides and tips, as well as decorative rhodium rings.

‘1589’ also has a holographic mirrored front but in a rectangular shape that encompasses a cat’s eye lens to soften the angular design.

Unisex style ‘2917’ (pictured below) has an aviator shape with a sunray gold colourway option and features gold sides and matte tips.

The square shaped ‘2916’ is available in moonlight silver and a clear outer lens that is paired with rhodium and grey sides with titanium decorative rings.

Silhouette eyewear
Silhouette's '2917' TMA frame

Spectacles: Milled edge

Norville has launched a new Duck & Cover frame as well as three models from it Mai-Zee brand.

The Duck & Cover frame, ‘DC048’ (pictured below), is a classic aviator style that is available in a colour combination of black, gold and silver with a milled edge rim.

Norville explained that the aviator shape is a style that “not only protects your eyes, but enhances your lifestyle.”

Mai-Zee’s frames are available in three new designs and available in vibrant colour options.

‘MZ069’ is a slight cat’s eye shape that is available in blue and brown with two size options – 50 16 135 and 52 16 140.

Commenting on the frame, Norville said: “As resonant as always, cat’s eye glasses are still in style and a lady’s best friend in the academic and business environment.”

Norville highlighted the C1 colour variation of the ‘MZ070’ model, which is an emerald green frame with a tortoiseshell effect on the sides.

The C2 colour option of the ‘MZ071’ style has a marble effect in beige and dark purple with branding on the sides.

Norville eyewear
Norville's Duck & Cover 'DC048' frame

Spectacles: Stainless steel

International Eyewear has launched new styles from Eschenbach’s Titanflex, Brendel and Humphrey’s brands.

The Titanflex range includes five new styles that the eyewear company said are “smarter, tougher and lighter” models.

It highlighted the ‘820829’ and ‘820830’ spectacles, which feature slim and soft stainless steel sides, while ‘820822’ includes a new bridge shape and titanium nose pads.

Brendel’s new collection is “designed by females for females” and is inspired by fashion designers, stylists and makeup artists.

The range is made up of five simple styles that have been designed with a focus on minimalism are available in a soft colour options.

The eyewear company highlighted ‘903125’ (pictured below), which is a sporty pilot shape available in transparent rose and grey marble colourways.

Humphrey’s autumn/winter collection features five models that are inspired by urban street style.

Models ‘582293,’ ‘582294’ and ‘582295’ are made from lightweight stainless steel and experiment with panto and cat’s eye shapes with coloured hinges and co-ordinating laminated tips.
International eyewear
International Eyewear's Brendel '903125' frame