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OT  focuses on…IT software and domiciliary

From ensuring patient data is secure to utilising tools to keep patients engaged, OT  takes a look at the latest IT software and domiciliary product launches

Ocuco OmniChannel on ipad

Tools: Consumer habits

Ocuco has highlighted its OmniChannel Solutions, including FittingBox’s FitMix virtual try-on tool.

The tools are designed to help independent practitioners with limited time and resources who face online competitors to keep patients engaged.

Chief sales and marketing officer at Ocuco, Alice Austin, said: “The internet and technology have been responsible for a host of changes to consumer behaviour and the optics industry hasn’t escaped new online habits.”

Ocuco’s WebDiary is integrated into its practice management software and allows patients to book on any connected device at any time.

It also highlighted the virtual-try-on tool, FitMix, which ensures a practices website is engaging while promoting products and services.

The augmented reality technology creates a mirror image with face tracking and real-time software with patients using a webcam or a selfie to try different eyewear at home.

OmniChannel director at Ocuco, Andy Chance-Hill, said: “Consumer demand continues to grow in augmented reality experience for filling the gap between real and digital world. FitMix technology ensures that patients experience a realistic frame virtual try-on, all from the comfort and convenience of their own home.”

Consumer demand continues to grow in augmented reality experience

OmniChannel director at Ocuco, Andy Chance-Hill

Fundus: Control unit

BiB Ophthalmic Instruments has launched a fundus scope and control unit and digital slit lamp by Medical Imaging Innovation Solution Provider for domiciliary visits.

The equipment company said that the DEC-200 (pictured below) fundus scope and control unit is a fast, simple and easy to use device that provides outstanding image quality.

Its features include a 45-degree field of view, movable fixation, auto focus, auto capture, true five megapixel resolution and data transfer via USB or SD card.

It has a 3.5-inch touch screen that BiB explained is ideal for image capture and review, without sacrificing mobility. It also has a dual screen setting called UVC mode that makes tele-ophthalmology for eye screening over the internet accessible.

The DEA-200 digital slit lamp equals table-top devices for image quality, according to BiB, and can be used in conjunction with the DEC-200.

It features zoom optics, LED background illumination, LED main light source, blue and green filters, variable slit width and rotation, live video playback, digital still imaging and data transfer via USB, SD card and AV output.

BiB DEC200

eGOS: Optimising teamwork

I-Clarity is updating its practice management software with the launch of an English eGeneral Ophthalmic Services (eGOS) module.

The software is designed to help the practice team coordinate its GOS efforts by creating a logical workflow and optimising teamwork.

The module allows the wider practice team to prepare claims before the clinic, enabling the optometrist to add further details and their signature when needed.

I-Clarity is also preparing for Making Tax Digital, although it highlighted that many users already can transfer their financial data from I-Clarity into their account packages to fulfil HMRC requirements.

Over a 12-month period, I-Clarity releases two new versions of its software in order to continuously develop the product and respond to customer needs.

The software can be used in single and multi-branch practices and can be built to meet practice requirements as they change.

Booking appointments for the entire family can be done by searching for the address and checking when sight tests are due. Clinical record keeping is paperless with I-Clarity and the dispensing process can be managed by maintaining a catalogue of the patient’s preferred frames and lenses.

iClarity platform on a PC

eGOS: Cancellation list

Opticabase has updated its practice management software ahead of the introduction of eGOS forms.

The company has also added new features such as a cancellation list, sales leads and new reports, including diary analysis.

Its cancellation list allows a practice to keep track of patients who have booked an appointment in the future but would like to be contacted if an appointment becomes available sooner.

Opticabase also highlighted its to do list feature where notes can be made to keep track of outstanding jobs on order to help practices provide the best customer service possible.

The sales leads feature is designed to help practices increase their sales by reminding those patients who said they would return at a later date to purchase spectacles.

Opticabase is also available for use in domiciliary visits with its dispensing and clinical versions that include extra features such as grouping patients.

Opticabase on laptop

Recall: Communication capabilities

Optisoft is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the launch of its latest software update for independent opticians, Optisoft.Net.

Managing director at Optisoft, Keith Sheers, said: “Optisoft.Net offers so many benefits to the independent optical practice, streamlining practice management, saving time and money. As a company with 30 years of experience in the industry, we have continually evolved and we’re proud to be a digital partner to our customer base of independent opticians in the UK and Ireland.”

New features of the software include recall and communication capabilities. The patient is able to choose their recall method, such as text, email or phone, in order to provide a more effective process and reduce failed to attend appointments.

The software is also compliant with Making Tax Digital and eGOS requirements. Making Tax Digital links will be provided for Sage and Xero while smaller accounting packages will be provided for by a generic option, Optisoft explained.

Optisoft NET Monitor

Bespoke: Tablet system

The OutsideClinic has highlighted that it is working on version six of its bespoke tablet system, EYEris, for domiciliary visits.

Updates include easier access to GP details and easier to find medications with the most common drugs in the age group tested by The Outside Clinic placed higher up the list.

Other features include improved data security, the ability to capture e-signatures for eGOS and consolidation of dispensing information on the patient’s receipt.

The referral process has also been improved by connecting EYEris with Docman for instant transfer of information to GPs.

Speaking about the software, optometrist and director of professional services at The Outside Clinic, Nick Wingate, said: “We wanted it to be flexible enough for colleagues to understand that everybody tests in different ways. It works in whatever order in whatever way you want it to work. Optometrists all test slightly differently.”

“It also promotes good quality testing and excellent quality records by ensuring that everything is completed as much as possible,” he added.

The system includes the ability to print referral letters and NHS forms, as well as complete all the dispensing information and attach a fundus camera to upload digital image files.

A4 Paper EYEris

GDPR: Secure backup

Venom IT is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the release of its new V-Care suite of backup and support services.

V-Care was developed to provide secure, general data protection regulation-compliant backup and archiving. Practitioners who sign up to the service will receive 24-hour emergency phone support.

Managing director of Venom IT, Becki Powell, said: “My mother is an optometrist, and I remember how she would sometimes struggle with her IT and computers in general. We wanted to create a system that quietly runs in the background, doing its job, leaving practitioners free to do what they do best, whilst still being just a phone call away in case anything goes wrong.”

“Medical records have become one of the prime targets for cyber criminals – they are generally more comprehensive, more accurate and more up-to-date than even banking records. This makes juicy pickings for hackers wishing to commit identity theft. Making sure your practice is secure should be at the top of the list for any practice manager,” Ms Powell added.

V-Care includes an antivirus for each local machine along with automatic system monitoring and security patching in order to minimise the risks that practice face from online criminals.

Venom IT person at laptop
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