Meet the myopia control community

Eye care practitioners spoke to OT  about the importance of managing myopia in practice


With the rise of incidences of myopia, OT spoke to eye care practitioners (ECPs) about the importance of managing myopia by offering young patients options to reduce the prevalence in the future.

BCLA Myopia Management Committee Chair and Independent Myopia Management Specialist, Keith Tempany, commented: “As an ECP, my colleagues and I have a duty of care to inform patients and parents about myopia management.”

Last year, CooperVision launched the Brilliant Futures Myopia Management Programme, featuring the innovative MiSight 1 day contact lenses.

Brilliant Futures seeks to introduce a new standard of care for children with myopia, providing inclusive practice, child and parent support for compliance, satisfaction, clinical outcomes and long-term loyalty.

In partnership with CooperVision, OT has produced a video with ECPs to find out more from them about the benefits of being involved in the myopia control community.

Optometrist and independent practice owner, Bhavin Shah, encouraged ECPs to get involved and said: “We have the knowledge and the technology…Now is the right time for eye care practitioners to get involved with myopia management in practice.”

Optometrist and independent practice owner, Dr Valerie Jerome, emphasised that “not only are we correcting their child’s vision, but we’re helping to prevent any future pathologies that could greatly impact or threaten the sight of their child’s vision.”

To find out more from this group of ECPs, and to listen to their experiences in practice and with patients, watch the video in full below.

OT speaks to ECPs about the myopia management programme